Sunday, September 30, 2007

:: Happy 35th Dad and Mom ::

Today, Trevor's parents celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary.
* This is a shot of them at our wedding *
We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you today. We are grateful beyond words for your love and to have such a time-tested example of what it is to be a couple that serves the Lord. We pray for you for many more years of happy marriage and can only hope to become to our children the kind of parents you are to us!
We love you and congratulations!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

:: Road Trip ::

On Sunday morning Kerry and I headed out for a much put-off and well over due road trip out to Summerland where our good friend Elisha lives. The day got off to a pretty bad start when we got the ferry terminal at Departure Bay and the cars were line up outside of the ticket booths. So we waited for three hours until the next boat and were the third to last car to get on that one. Then we got to the other side and I was reminded of why I don't live in a big city. Traffic everywhere on a Sunday afternoon! Here is a shot through a tunnel somewhere...... * Self Portrait *
Since we missed our boat we were driving a lot later than we thought we would but we were on the Coquihalla during sundown and it was quite the sight.
The morning we left we found out that we weren't able to stay where we had originally planned to Elisha set up some accommodations for us with her friends Ashley and Amanda. They were so wonderful and hospitable, Amanda let us stay in her room while she slept elsewhere. They had also just gotten a new kitten named Waffles that I completely fell in love with. He looked exactly like our Elmo when we first got him, and was twice as rambunctious.
The little guy making like a book.......
Since we drove in in the dark on Sunday, the trip Monday morning from Summerland to Penticton was absolutely beautiful. I had never been into the interior and was pleasantly surprised.
Since Elisha had to work Monday morning Kerry and I were left to entertain ourselves until early afternoon so we booked appointments to get pedicures! We had a little time to kill before so we took some cheesy tourist pictures!
Here's Kerry in front of the Sicamous.
And yours truly!
They also had a beautiful rose garden in the same area.........
Kerry stopping and smelling the roses.
Don't know what kind of flower this is but I LOVED It....
Kerry loved this big weeping willow right on the beach.
This is our before shot of our toes.......and we never ended up getting an after shot but they looked really great!
After our pedicures we surprised Elisha at her work for lunch. She works at Salty's right on the beach........
After lunch we went for a wander around the area and found this little park with these funny sloped grassy hills so I decided to take a break on one of them.
Me and my girl
We tried to go mini golfing but it was closed so we drove out to Tickleberries for ice cream then we swung by Walmart and picked up a boardgame and then ordered pizza.
Elisha was talking to me on the phone while she was hanging out the window of her boyfriends truck.
Elisha and her beau cute!
And on our way out........
It was a pretty quick turn around but the weather was chilly but sunny and beautiful. We got there and back safe and didn't hit any traffic on Tuesday afternoon coming home. We had just a great time spending time with Elisha and meeting Justin and having some good girl time. Thanks for the memories Kerry and Elisha....until next time!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WCT 2007

Last Saturday my dear dad left in the wee hours of the morning to embark on his fifth (not positive on that number) trip on the world renown West Coast Trail; 75 rugged and beautiful kilometers on the breathtaking west coast of Vancouver Island.
This is a shot of my dad and I when we did the trail two years ago.
Assuming they don't hit any terrible weather and that he isn't injured, they group is due back tomorrow evening. We love you dad, congratulations on another successful trip!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

* A Girl's Night Out *

As a follow-up to her bridal shower, Kerry and I also planned a little girl's only dinner to shower the bride with some more, ahem, risque gifts. We headed down the the very nice Moxie's in downtown Victoria.
Amber and the Princess for the evening, both looking beautiful.
:: Our chauffeur ::
Believe it or not Kerry is actually driving while I am taking this picture!
Kerry, Felicia and we also met Stephy up at the restuarant.
Amber and myself
Felicia opening her "sexy time" gifts as Amber called them.
:: Pretty In Pink :: can be pretty in black too :)
The Gang
It was so very nice to have a night out of drinks, great good and even better company with some wonderful girls and what an exciting time to celebrate. Can't wait for the wedding pictures!

29 Days And Counting....

So I know what seems to be forever ago, I blogged a post similar to this about the Brad Paisley concert that my best girl Kerry and I had 8th row seats to. Well shortly after that we found out the concert was postponed until October, which seemed like forever at the time. But it seems that the day that has been so long awaited in now only 29 days from today! And what puts the cherry on top is that the opening line up has changed and Taylor Swift (star singer of "Tim Mcgraw" and "Teardrops on my guitar") and Rodney Atkins (huge country star that made "If you're going through hell" famous!) are going to be there as well. The concert is on October 21rst and thanks to my in-laws, we have a great suite to stay in (thanks bob and jo!). Worry not......there will be pictures, lots of pictures! BP here we come!

Friday, September 21, 2007

::: GOLD STAR :::

So the Great Lake Walk Association has finally posted their official results from the walk on Saturday and.........out of 516 runners and walkers Kerry and I finished 89th and 90th with an official time of 8:59:22! We could not be more thrilled, for out first (and possibly only) year we finished in the top 100. I guess when you compare out time to the 4:25:38 finish time of the triathlete winner of the race it doesn't seem so great but we are stoked!
Congratulations again Kerry.......there's no one I would have rather ran across the finish line with! Love Ya!

Monday, September 17, 2007

: : Surprise Shower : :

Yesterday, Kerry and I hosted a surprise wedding shower for our friends fiancee Felicia at mine and Trevor's house. It was very last minute but came together beautifully with many friends coming together to bless Felicia. This is the cake that the MOG made and our wonderfully talented Michele decorated with real flowers. Chantal, Stephanie, Amanda and Amber all looking lovely!The gift/food table........
Colleen, Sundry, Camma, Cheryl and my mom enjoying each other's company.
This is a collage that I put together for the couple with bible verses from family incorporated with pictures and neat decor. I left the middle slot open for a wedding picture. Unfortunately they changed the wedding date so I'm going to need to do some minor adjustments!
The Postma's.......Lisa and mom Betty.
Pretty gerbs.
Amanda and the BTB (bride-to-be) just after the big surprise. The poor girl was so startled that she turned tail and walked back out the door! It was so cute.
The to be groom, Felicia and her sister.
Michele and Chantal.
The MOG Faith, and my mom.
Do not adjust your screen, you are not seeing double. Felicia on the left is sitting with her twin sister Rosa.
Poor little Elmo only ventured downstairs once, too much estrogen for the poor guy.
Kerry, Steph, Chantal, Amber and Amanda havin' a great time!
Felicia reading one of her cards. Because shortly after the wedding she is moving to Calgary where Nathan is, we threw her a gift certificate shower so she won't have to pack that much more stuff out there.
For her present, Faith wrapped $50 worth of toonies individually so Felicia tossed them all around the room and we all got to open one.
Faith and my mom opening theirs.......
The loot.......
Felicia practising her cake cutting skills........
As exhausted and sore and Kerry and I both were, the shower was a total blast. After asking a round of questions to get to know her better, we all gathered around and had a time of prayer for Felicia and for Nathan and their upcoming wedding and new life together. Nathan and Felicia, may you be blessed beyond your imagination and may you always have the strength to follow God's lead where ever he may take you! Congratulations!!