Friday, December 28, 2007

WAY Behind.......

Just realized how far I am behind in my blogging. I've missed my own birthday, both family's Christmas, our new electronics and home decor and SO much more. Promise will blog in the next week to come after our family holiday. Please check back and I promise I will get something up!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well enough said. I've never seen weather like this in the 14 years I have lived here. It finally stopped late this afternoon but the damage is well done! The roads are horrible and sidewalks are non-existent but it's so beautiful. Here are a few shots of our backyard buried under at least a foot of snow!We spent all day today indoors save for a trip to church in my mom's 4x4 with friends and family for a birthday celebration. We ate and sat and ate and watch movies and sat and relaxed. The perfect day. It will certainly be an interesting day tomorrow! Be safe all and enjoy this wonder of heaven.

Monday, November 19, 2007

* * SHE SAID YES * *

Well it finally happened. We have know for a while but on Friday night my older brother Nathan proposed to his then girlfriend Brice and she said yes! This is a picture of the design of the ring but I believe the stones are a different size and it is in yellow gold. I will post more pictures once we get some but............
Nathan and Brice we LOVE you and are so excited for you. Can't wait to see you at Christmas and say that in person! Congratulations!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ontario 2007 - Day One

It's been almost a week now since we've been back from our trip to Ontario and I am just recovering now. We flew out there for Trev's best friend (and best man at our wedding) Darryl's wedding. Elmo really really wanted to come with us.......We flew from Victoria to Edmonton, then Edmonton to Hamilton.
Trev at the Edmonton Airport.
We touched down in Hamilton at 4:45 and drove straight to out hotel in St. Catharines. When we got there this is what greeted us. A lovely gift from Roger and Lois (the dad and mom of the groom). So sweet!
After settling in and grabbing a snack we made our way over the tux place for a fitting (we arrived at 8:56 and they close at 9:00 and they had six groomsmen to fit). Fortunately they did it anyways and from there we were off to a restaurant for tapas!
All the boys at the hotel before we left talking on their cellphones.
At the tapas restaurant. We had a such a great time and got a chance to meet so many great people!
The beautiful bride and handsome groom!
David (brother of the groom and groomsman) and his wife Erica.
Trev and I........and he IS smiling.
Taking of picture of taking a picture.
Brandon (best man) and his awesome wife Jen........we spent the whole wedding day together as we were both "widowed" for the day.
For some strange reason my pizza took longer than everyone elses food and some people were done by the time I was just starting.
After.......such good pizza!
We spent a good few hours just mingling and hang out.......I couldn't have wished to meet greater people! The rest of day one consisted of heading back to the hotel and SLEEPING!
I don't travel well so it takes me a while to get back on my feet and boy was I tired!
But we got everywhere safe and were excited to be on "holidays".

Ontario 2007- Day Two

Day two was full of memories and tourism (my favourite). We woke and had a fabulous continental breakfast at the hotel then changed and made our way to Niagara Falls.
Our sweet rental car.

Our hotel in St Catherines. On our way...... Right near the falls is Clifton Hill which is basically a year-round circus on a street! Lots of wax museums, the WWF Museum, Guinness Book Of World Records Museum, Mini Golf the Sky Wheel and lots more!
Right in front of the American Falls.......
The American Falls.
:: Niagara Falls ::
A great shot that Jen took for us!
Another shot.........
The mist was so heavy that when we drove passed the falls we had to turn our windshield wipers on. It was like it was pouring rain. You can see how wet the street was in this picture.
The edge.Trev and I decided to brave the wall of water and walk the rest of the walkway to the falls and it was a tad wet, as you can tell. It was quite literally like someone had thrown a bucket of water on us.
A black and white shot.
The world tallest man.......and Trev sitting in his chair.
On a Harley Davidson.
This is the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. Really cool building.
Trev with Forrest Gump at the Wax Museum.
Me and Ace Ventura.
The Sky Wheel.......this is actually where Darryl proposed.
At the top of the Sky Wheel. It was like a really luxurious ferris wheel.
A GREAT self-portrait.
And Glow-in-the-dark mini golf. We were supposed to have met the wedding party for lunch but it never ended up happening so we got the whole afternoon to ourselves.
Enough said.........Mmmm.
Our one commitment of the day was the rehearsal dinner that was held at the same venue as the reception. All of the gals.....Top row from left: Karen (grooms sister and bridesmaid), Christine (bridesmaid), Jen (best man's wife), Erica (groom's sister-in-law), Me.
Bottom row from left: Lindsay (bride), Jenny (maid-of-honor), Sarah (bridesmaid), Jennifer (bridesmaid), Amanda (bridesmaid and brides cousin). I feel to blessed to have been able to meet them all. They were SO sweet and genuine.The grooms family.
Trev and I with the bride and groom.
After the dinner and a couple hours spent decorating we went back to the falls to catch their Christmas light display that was very impressive to say the least.

A cool light fountain.
This one's for our little nephew Jacob who LOVES Tow-Mater..........
And my favourite, Winnie-the Pooh.
We also went back to the falls and braved the water again to catch it lit up with lots of giant spotlights that were actually powered by the falls themselves. None of the pictures worked unfortunately. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and I crashed while Trev went to hang out with the boys. The big day is tomorrow!

Ontario 2007 - Day Three, The Big Day

The long awaited day is finally here! Because Trev and I were staying in another hotel for Saturday night we had to check out while we was trying to get ready which caused some challenges. We were lucky enough to have been able to hang out with the guys while they got ready and got some nice shots.
Erica helping Dave get put on his boutonniere.The best man putting on his tie.Trevor trying to do up his buttons!A few of the boys...... :: Cheers :: A celebratory drink.
The Groom's Party
A good looking group of men.
Darryl serenading us before the beginning of the ceremony. Darryl and his best man awaiting the arrival of his bride. The Lovely Bride
The Bride's Party. They all looked to beautiful in black silk.
The Bride and Groom
Saying their "I Do's".
First kiss as man and wife!
Making it official.
The new couple and their family.
Jen and I were just leaving as the bridal party was and I managed to snag this awesome shot of the two.
Jen and I spent the afternoon at the hotel talking and getting to know each other then we drove out to Niagara on the Lake for the reception.
The gorgeous cake made by the maid-of-honors boyfriend.
Three good looking husbands.
My wonderful husband and I.
Cutting the cake........
........and feeding each other.
The First Dance.
Cheers to a fabulous day!
Throw that bouquet.
Darryl getting himself ready.
And going in for the kill.
A beautiful couple and a beautiful day.One of the most memorable parts of the night happened a few words into David's blessing for the meal when the fire alarm went off. Fortunately the building is very old so so were the alarms and weren't the kind that went off consistently but only every 5 seconds or so. Unfortunately because it was so old the fire department had to come down and turn it off and that happened a good 20 minutes after it started going off. It really made for a great memory seeing two firefighters come through the building. We had such a great day and I had so much fun getting to know Jen and also the other bridal party widows (as I dubbed them) that sat at our table. I met SO many amazing people and felt so blessed to have been able to be party of Darryl and Lindsay's special day. We love you both very much and wish you much happiness and love.

:: Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Darryl and Lindsay Melnychuk ::