Thursday, July 31, 2008

~ BabyGirl ~

:: Oh, how we love her ::

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:: We're Home ::

Hey All...........just a quickie post to let you know that we arrived very safely back from our trip to Ontario yesterday and had a pretty rough time with Denay (love you mom). I will post pictures and stories as soon as I readjust and catch up on some serious sleep........

Monday, July 21, 2008

~Baby's First Boat Ride~

Sunday couldn't have been a more perfect day for a cruise on the ocean and we took advantage of it! Here's Denay all strapped down the the co-pilot's chair, ready to go.Dad, Mom and Denay
This is the ship they used as the "Interceptor" in Pirates of the Carribbean. They were showing in Maple cool.
Good 'ol Captain Jack Sparrow
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that this ship was used as well but I can't remember where.
Trevor with Denay in the cabin........
These two tall ships were in a live battle, firing off (what sure sounded like) was really neat!
Dad and Trevor starting up the BBQ for dinner....
Opa cuddling his granddaughter.
Thought this was really is a hard life.
Trevor steering us back and dad checking out a $3.2 million property for sale.
We had such a great afternoon.........thanks mom and dad!

:: Thank Heaven For Little GIRLS ::

With a little help and a lot of hurry, I was able to finally finish the sentence I started in Denay's room a little while ago. The "girls" part went up and I am SO pleased with how it turned out! Certainly makes the room feel much more girly.Paint, letters and bows all from Michael's for a good price.
I couldn't resist.......Trev took this while changing her the other day.
My mom came by today and helped me clean and do laundry and watch Denay while I showered. We're leaving for Ontario on Thursday and it will be so nice coming home to a clean house! Thanks mom......don't know how I'd been doing this without you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

:: My Name Is Denay and I Am One Week Old Today ::

Wow.........never in my wildest would I have imagined how much work this would be, or how fast they would change! Got a quick second while my sweet baby sleeps beside me so I thought I would quickly upload some pictures and post.........
:: Mummy the morning she went into labour ::
Daddy and his girl before bed........
Denay's first time in her car seat.......
Our family's first time to church.
I am sleeping.....
Elmo watching his little sister......
Love Love this picture of her......
So cute....
Took this today while she napped...........I am one week old today!
Things are slowly improving and I am gradually getting the hang of this. It's amazing how fast the day goes by and I don't do anything. Mom came over today and I got to shower! What a novelty. Can't wait to have Trev home on the weekend with me........will do my best to keep updated!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Here.....

Hello Blogger Friends,
Just thought I would get SOMETHING on here even if it isn't some pictures. We have been doing well. Saw Selena this morning and Denay is over her birth weight at seven pounds, three ounces. It was so good to hear after a couple of days of feeling like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. She has settled into a slightly steady sleep pattern which had made a huge difference but I'm still feeling very teary and emotional and out-of-sorts trying to figure out this mommy thing. I am ever so thankful for all the amazing friends and family around me that have been holding me up and checking in on me and praying........I am so in love with our daughter it makes my heart explode. I spent the day with my mom today out and about showing Denay off at our work places and doing some strolling in Chemainus and when I finally got home I realized how much I missed just holding her. She is SO beautiful and truly perfect and every morning waking up with her swells my heart........will post pictures as soon as I can.

Friday, July 11, 2008

:: She's Here and She's Perfect ::

Trevor and I are pleased, thrilled and so proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter
Denay Catherine McClelland - July 10th, 2008 weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces at 9:30pm at home.I've got to give all the thanks to my wonderful supportive husband, my awesome mom and fabulous amazing midwives Selena and Kate for helping keep my wish of having our baby at home alive in the worst of it. Baby is doing amazing, very alert and active, feeding well (and often!) for me, haven't slept a whole lot but the adrenaline and joy are keeping me going, along with some really yummy homecooked meals from Trevor's mum.
Never before have I ever seen a more perfect and beautiful human being in my life.......God is so good and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to bring her into this world.
Will try and keep posting.......and would appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

\\ Happy Birthday Grammie //

Today is Trev's Mum's Birthday.......
We weren't able to cross the water to celebrate with this baby ready to come anytime.......
:: Mum (and dad too) at Christmas Time ::
We Love You...........Wishing the happiest of birthday's Grammie and many more healthy, joyful ones to come! Looking forward to seeing soon ;)

~ Thank Heaven For Little ???? ~

Was I ever in LaLa Land when I thought I'd be bored have time to be lazy while on Maternity leave before Bambino days just seem to drift by under my nose! I have managed to get so much done though and am really enjoying my freedom. And today was no different, as I was able to get a project done that has been weeks in the making. I also have to put in a big thanks to my mom for treating us to ALL the letters so I didn't have to stencil :)
:: Yay Me! ::
It's obviously not done as we will wait to see what this baby will be, then we've purchased (and kept receipts for) the letters to spell "girls" and "boys" as well and blue and pink paint to coat them and some cute blue and pink bows to decorate them...........then once we know, the appropriate word will be mounted as well. As you can kind of see, we are really ready for this baby. We've left lots of room for photos and maybe some decorative shelves as well but honestly baby, you can come anytime!

:: The "Flying Dutchman" Is Christened ::

I willed and willed but to no avail and the weather on Sunday was not conducive to a day spent on the lake, in the water. But just recently, my dad finished rigging up his new (to the family) boat for salt water boating and fishing so we went out with him to take it out for the first time in the ocean.
:: Trev helping my dad get everything ready for the launch ::
:: Down the long boat ramp in Crofton ::
:: Next thing we know......thunk. The tide was so low that the boat trailer fell off of the cement edge. But (kind of) thanks to some (rather rude) fellow boaters, the boat was eventually freed from the trailer ::
:: Away we go. The clouds actually burned off and it was quite sunny and I obviously took advantage and spent some time on the bow sunning myself ::
:: And while I was doing that, Ryan's poor girlfriend Rachal somehow got roped into steering the kicker. She had some issues figuring out that left was right and right was left :) ::
:: Dad and Ryan setting up the down-riggers and fishing rods ::
:: Beautiful Saltspring Island ::
As always our boating experience wasn't without hiccup, but we had great fun and I know my dad can't wait to get deep sea fishing!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

~ Our Stick Is Bigger Than Your Stick ~

So we had a pretty exciting announcement around these parts this week. For years and years there has been a tug-of-war between Duncan, British Columbia and Eveleth, Minnesota over which town can make the claim to World's Largest Hockey Stick.
Well it's now official and on July 14th our wonderful small town will be put in the Guinness Book of World records as home to the World's Largest Hockey Stick.
This is the stick in Minnesota.
And our world famous and official largest stick.
Just makes me even more proud to live where I is a link to the news story

§ Partyin' Like No One Else Can §

As I'm sure a good portion of the country did, we celebrate our beloved Canada's birthday on Tuesday. My friend Natalie and I arranged a BBQ on the beach down in Oak Bay for some friends then we made our way into Victoria for the crowd and fireworks.
Kurtis and Natalie enjoying the sun and fellowship.
:: Lisa is having a GREAT time ::
Our Rock Band partners Damon and Sarah.
Tim and Trevor starting up our $20 Canadian Tire barbecue.
The Gang at Willows Beach in Oak Bay taking in the sunshine.
Just after we ate, Trevor noticed a soccer ball floating off in the distance, and before I could blink he was stripped to his boxers and running into the ocean. He got about 30 feet out until turning around, frozen and breathless. Colin also made a valiant effort but it was Daniel who swam all the way out to the ball and brought it back. He was using the ball to help him stay afloat it was so cold!
:: The Parliament Buildings ::
:: Oh Canada ::
Becca and Dan had their cartoon drawn by one of the artists in the harbour.
The Empress Hotel and the huge crowd.
Self Portrait
Capped it all off with some great fireworks.
We have been taking in the Canada Day festivities in Victoria for many years now and while I've never been to a celebration anywhere else, I am convinced that there is no where else that can party like downtown Victoria BC on Canada Day!