Thursday, April 30, 2009

{ Princess *S's 3rd Birthday Party }

Sunday afternoon we (and by we I mean Denay) were invited to dear *S's third birthday party! It was a princess themed party and all the guests were dressed their best.
:: The birthday girl ::
:: Some of the guests ::
:: If I haven't been obvious enough yet, I'm all about the details! ::
:: I couldn't get enough of *M's party dress and had 3 other shots of it ::
:: First attempt of many to get a group shot with a real live princess ::
Our afternoon at the party was a little cut short because, as you can see in the second collage, Denay came down with a bad infection in her eyes and we jetted off to the pharmacy to get her prescription filled.

It makes me so excited to throw a birthday party for Denay in a few months!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~ Brett + Maryann = LOVE ~

On Saturday we also have the priveledge of being invited to a long time family friends wedding. We've know Brett and his family for about 12 years now and even though we no longer live on the same street where we met we are still in close contact. His family came to our wedding and Denay's dedication.
Theirs was a standing outdoor ceremony on Maryann's parent's water buffalo farm and though the weather was a little chilly, it didn't rain!
:: Some pre-ceremony details....and no, don't adjust your screen, Brett had a groomswoman in his wedding party ::
:: Waiting for and then seeing his bride for the first time. Their professional photographer actually approached me and asked if I would cover Brett's reaction as she was following the bride ::
:: Some fun ceremony shots.....I love the cropped shot of Maryann and holding her bouquet ::
:: We grabbed some family pictures before Trev and I had to run to our next wedding ::
:: All the girls, minus Denay ::
:: The family minus a few members ::
:: The cake ::
:: Remember I mentioned water buffalo earlier? This born-and-raised farm girl made sure to pay these beauties a visit ::
:: Details, details, details ::
:: First dance ::

To say the least we had a total blast and didn't leave until 11:00......I also want to give a big huge thank you to S&M (I know you will read this *M) for watching our baby girl all afternoon and until we got home very late.

B&M - thanks for the awesome party, great wine, laughs and memories and we are eagerly awaiting (and expecting) an invite to a BBQ sometime soon :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

:: Stephie's Bridal Shower & Wedding ::

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to a bridal shower for a good friend of mine Stephanie, who was getting married on Saturday and was actually one of the MC's at our I (of course) brought my camera in a spent most of the night snapping away and ended taking over 200 pictures!
:: Steph loves tulips so her sister had them everywhere ::
:: More fun details....the shower was also full of touches of Paris ::
:: And what's a shower without sweets? ::
:: There was no lack of love and smiles in the room! ::
:: Fellowship ::
:: Presents... ::
:: .....and more presents ::
:: Time to open them ::
:: Some of the opened gifts ::
:: The MOG, Bride and MOB ::
:: Steph's was one of two weddings (two hours apart) we had on Saturday so I didn't have much time to get a lot of pictures from her day. I just loved their cake! It was laid on a marble slab ::
:: The ceremony was short, sweet and they had one of the most romantic first kisses I've ever seen at a wedding ::
:: Steph has moved out to Saskatchewan but we do hope to see them again soon ::
J&S - it was a true pleasure to be apart of your day and we wish you nothing but love and happiness!

Friday, April 24, 2009

>> Discovering Photography <<

I recently had a friend (cough,Brad) insinuate that my blog was less than interesting to visit so I thought I'd put lots of pictures in this post so he won't have to work so hard with too much reading.
I know you all know about my camera purchase and I don't think I've left the house without it so I thought I'd focus for a moment on some my favourite moments captured thus far in my learning process......the first bunch are of my favourite subject and the last batch are some spring inspired shots.
:: is there anything cuter than baby feet? ::
:: I think this one is up the near the top of my favourites ::
:: is there anything Spring-ier than cherry blossoms? ::
:: this one is also up there....I'm thinking of framing it ::

Well, I guess there you have it. The wheels have been turning and I'm thinking of doing a collection of photos from each season to swap out as decor as the seasons change and I think these recent ones will be a great start to a "spring", I need you. Yes, YOU....out of the last batch of pictures could you let me know your top two favourites?

Muchly obliged friends! Until next time......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: Easter Weekend ::

:: I certainly hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend remembering the sacrifice and celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord! ::
Our weekend was full, to say the least, of friends and food and family.....
We started out with a trip on the ferry for Easter with Trev's family on Friday morning, followed by a trip over the bridge to pick up a new toy (more on that later) then yummy ham dinner.
:: Some shots of my girlie on the ferry ride over :::: It's all in the details, right? ::
:: A few more fun shots ::
:: Just a short 24 hours after landing we were back on the ferry heading home for dinner with my family.......we ended up leaving early because Denay was so tired and all three of us were awfully sick. But a cup of Neocitran and good night's sleep later, we were feeling relatively better and ready for Easter Sunday!
We had breakfast at my parents and a photo shoot of course!
:: Princess Denay in her Easter dress ::
:: Family portraits! ::
:: Since she was so sick, we kept Denay through the service instead of Sunday school..... ::
:: My girlfriend and I got matching dresses for our girls..... ::

We are still recovering but it was so nice to spend time with family and we even got a short visit from Uncle Ryan......and let's face it, the food was enjoyable as well :)

I digress.....laundry needs folding the house needs cleaning and I've got some last minute ends to wrap up for Trev's birthday dinner tonight.....all in a days work for a, what it's called nowadays, domestic engineer.

:: Happy Tuesday Friends ::