Thursday, April 24, 2008

** Happy 26th Baby **

This past Sunday Trevor celebrated his 26th Birthday..........we rung in the occasion with a big BBQ at my parent's house.
Starting the day off right with homemade pancakes at my parent's house before church. Yum.
Trev and our nephew Cole.......a couple of cool dudes.
Walking around with wee Michal.
So cute.........
Paul and Jacob enjoying some food.......
Amber and Christan.
Ryan and Devon being friendly.......
Brad and Sarah "acting like they like each other".
Trevor's brother Jordan and his wife Lindsey.
Saying a prayer before we dig in.......
Present Time!
The birthday boy and both his babies.
All our friends and family watching the present opening.
Jacob was a very good helper :)
The DQ ice cream cake........preggo brain over here forgot candles so my genius SIL Shawna had the great idea to stuff a whole bunch of matches into drinking straws. Thanks Shawna!
Our (almost) little family.

We had such a wonderful day of laughter and fun and way too much food. We are overwhelmingly blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives and are so grateful. Happy Birthday Babe.......can't wait to celebrate another 60+ of them with you. I love you!

Monday, April 14, 2008

:: First Of Many ::

After not getting much of a chance to enjoy the weather on Saturday (my housework day) I was determined, after seeing the blue skies Sunday morning, to get outside! And that we did........we enjoyed, with some good friends, our first barbecue of 2008!
The grill-master working his magic........
Christan, Tyler, Kurtis, Natalie and Amber
Amber demonstrating her, ummm, talent?
Mmmm....I love being dutch. Found this in the freezer, homemade boterkoek from my grandma. So good......
Poor Elmo wasn't allowed outside because he has this nasty habit of running away......
Tyler and Mum blowing fun.
It was so refreshing to enjoy great weather, great food and awesome friendship. After lunch and bubble blowing we went out for a walk to check out the local real estate. What a wonderful day and can't wait to do it again for sure!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tired, Much??

Just a little random note here.........after flying all night and getting home Friday, then spending the day busy doing laundry and shopping and etc etc......guess you could say I was a little tired. We went to bed at 9:00 on Friday and I didn't drag my pregnant behind into daylight until 11:00 the next morning. Making a person is a lot of work :) Don't think I've ever slept for 14 hours before..............

~ Great Friends ~

Last night a big group of us went down to Victoria to the McPherson Playhouse to watch a performance by a dance troup out of Quebec called the Rubberband Dance Group. Thanks to pregnant brain me, I told four of our friends to meet a hour before we were supposed to so we decided to head down early and have some dinner.
Trev and get a glimpse of the new hair do in this one too!
Colin and Kerry........
Dustin and Chelsey.......
Just a side seems none of our men like to pose for pictures hey? Anyways, I was just so reminded of the overwhelmingly amazing friends that we have here. I truly know in my heart that I couldn't find more wonderful people to spend time with anywhere! God has so richly blessed us with true, real friends and relationships that are enriching and encouraging........we love you guys. Thanks for the great night!

:: Happy 4th Birthday Tyler ::

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being invited to our good friend's Kurtis and Natalie's little boy Tyler's 4th birthday party. Tyler was so very excited and we had a great time visiting with K&N and D&C as well.
Tyler's fabulous cake...........Great job Nat!
Singing happy birthday..........
And blowing out the candles!
Tyler was a little shy and needed to encouraging to get all his candle blown out but he didn't wind up with any girlfriends :) Thanks so much for the invite guys, we had a blast and pray for many more birthday's to come for Tyler!

The New "Do"

Yesterday I took a bit of a gamble and booked a hair appointment with someone I'd never seen before. I'd had a time to see my usual stylist Jen in March but didn't want to get it cut and not be able to pull it back for the trip.........but I waited too long to change the appointment and had to see a different girl.
This picture was taken last week in Punta Cana (the only night I had dry hair to flat iron and it was a puff-ball in about 15 minutes!).
And the new me!
I am quite and well pleased with the cut. It came out shorter than I was expecting but I really really like it! It actually turned out to be almost a bob. Can't wait to get back to see Jen again but it appears that my gamble was worth it!

Out With The Old.......And In With The Working

Well yesterday we finally got our long awaited new dishwasher installed. We're assuming the one that came with the house was original to the house which would make it over 13 years old and it was starting to show its age for sure! To say the least our dishes were coming out dirtier than they went in and it was the last appliance that needed replacing so when we saw a sale at Sears we were all over it.
The old yucky relic.........
What I was greeted with when the old one came out..........ewww.
My Dad and Trevor ever so carefully reading the instructions.
And the fabulous finished product.
This washer will certainly come in handy as well with the pending addition to our family! Thanks for all your help Dad!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

:: I'm Five and A Half ::

Well, five and a half months anyways.......Trevor took these pictures on April 1rst and they will sufficiently serve at my official photo!Baby did so well on the trip! I loved having these sweet Dominican ladies coming up and rubbing my belly saying "Bambino, bambino!" I'm also sure I confused a few people when they saw that I was as pregnant as I am and holding Michal who is nine months.......just let 'em stare!


Just killing time while my husband and father install our new dishwasher (more on that to come) and thought I'd give ya'll a sneak peak at our photos from our Babymoon to Punta Cana..........Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Well, we're back. Our plane left Punta Cana at 10:45 pm local time last night and landed ahead of schedule in Vancouver at 3:40 am local time. We managed to catch the 5:15 ferry (by the grace and goodness of GOD!) after arriving at the terminal about 4 minutes before sailing and are now at home, tired, but clean and showered and doing 80 or so loads of laundry. Needless to say, why the heck did I ever leave but I did miss my kitty. Pictures to come once I get organized. Hope you all had a great a week as we did, but I doubt it :)
Oh, and yes we are tanned..........