Thursday, June 26, 2008

FYI - All Is Well......

Baby Update - Selena, one of my midwives just left, and everything is good. I am still measuring about three centimeters small, but even though small, I am still following a fairly steady growth curve. Baby's heart still sounds wonderful - I will never tire of hearing that sound! She went over the ultrasound with me and confirmed that the head and femur measurements were in the tenth percentile but that the amniotic fluid, placenta and abdomen measurement are all good and no abnormalities were noted! They are still going to watch my size carefully but nothing to be concerned with.........I see them again next week in the office and get to meet Kate, who will be the second on my birth.
So, for fun (since this baby can come anytime now) I'd love to hear some predictions! Throw out your guess for, a) birthday, b) gender, c) weight, d) hair color. To make it all fair: my 18-week ultrasound due date is July 12th, due date by LMP is the same but, as determined by the midwives, it is the 17th.
Here are mine........
a) July 15th
b) Girl
c) 5 pounds 10 ounces
d) Dark, like Trev's
So guess away...........!

....Three Years Ago.....

So I know that if I asked the normal person the question, "What were you doing three years ago yesterday", they would probably laugh in my face. But for me I will always remember what I was doing June 25, 2005, because it was a day that would change my life. Three years ago I was riding on a ferry, ready to loose my breakfast, on my way to meet a guy that I had met and been chatting with online for weeks. It's a great story because I didn't really get nervous until I was on the escalator riding down the passenger pick-up area. I walked through and didn't see anyone so I went outside to wait and took a seat on a bench. I sat and waited for a good 10 minutes before I started to think that just maybe I had been stood up. I called his number only to find out that he was waiting in the car in the parking lot because he didn't want to pay for romantic. The first few minutes were awkward but before long we were talking like old friends and spent hours in English Bay laughing and sharing.
The rest, as they say, is history. I am reminded how much I treasure the uniqueness of our "story" and am so grateful for a God so good and great that modern technology is at His fingertips too. Love You Trevor........

<< The Big 2-1 >>

As if graduating from college wasn't enough, my little brother Kevin also celebrated his 21rst birthday yesterday! It's so funny to look back on the years and see how much he's grown and changed and matured (to a degree) and really become his own person. And now he's fully legal and getting ready to move away and start a career.
Kev.......we love you and continue to be so proud of the person you are and are excited for the person you are yet to become and the life you have to make for yourself! From all three of us.......A Very Happy and Blessed 21rst Birthday! We Love You!

* Pregnant and Nesting *

So, being the "lady of leisure" that I am, I'm finding I have time to sit and fickle over things that I normally wouldn't think twice about. And since my house is getting flipped upside down, I thought, even though I just did it a few months ago, that my blog could use a little freshening up too! Made me realize how many neat and usable pictures I have on my laptop! So hope you like the new layout and color theme..........I'm pretty excited about it!
FYI :: Just got a call from my midwife and she's going to come by for my home visit today so will update with any news!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

37 Weeks ::: Feeling Fabulous

A few weeks ago Gloria Bell, our wedding photographer, contacted us wondering about doing a maternity session for us. Knowing, from many experiences, how awesome she is we agreed and made our way down to Nanaimo on Monday to capture this belly before Bambino comes! We left her place around 4:00 and by the time we got home and unpacked we already had teasers in our inbox! And true to form, the photos are beautiful. Gloria has a thing with red which she played up wonderfully in this picture. There is another photo that I will add to another blog posting because it's size is different. As for the pregnancy........still doing great. Comfortable sleep is slowly starting to elude me but I'm onto my second day at home and loving it. As far as I'm concerned, this baby can come anytime now!

Sweet Baby Love

- No More Words Needed As Far As I'm Concerned -

Saturday, June 21, 2008

:: A Very Proud Day ::

Yesterday was a very very proud day for the Verhoog family. My younger brother Kevin, the oldest of my two younger brothers, graduated from college with a Certificate in Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Vehicle Mechanics. Kevin is the first of our family to graduate from Post-Secondary and it really was a happy day.
My brother and two beaming parents.
One of Kevin's two diplomas.
The kids (and wee grandkids)..........and Ryan is way more excited that he looks.
We are truly so very proud of you Kevin and excited for you to begin a career in a field you love. We love you and wish you all the success in the world.

Monday, June 16, 2008

~Almost There~

It's hard to believe that eight months (or so) has gone by and we are in the final four weeks of this pregnancy. We've got about 29 days or so to go and the anticipation is really mounting and I'm about ready to meet this little life and start my role new as mom. Until then though, here are some updated belly pictures!
So far I am still stretch mark free and feeling really great! According to sonographer that did my ultrasound last week I am growing about three weeks behind but I get the actual report tomorrow so we will know more then. I also finish up work this week and I could not be more excited. As much as I do enjoy my job I am ready to transition and start life at home. I had my first day alone today as Trevor worked and I didn't and I think as a test run it went very well! So that's the update right now........will blog again once we know more about baby's growth tomorrow! God Bless.......

:: Father's Day ::

This weekend, like most everyone, we celebrated Father's Day. We spend F-Day this year on the mainland with Trev's family. We made our way over on Saturday night and spent the day Sunday lounging and eating (and eating) a great pancake brunch.
Shawna bought this great snuggly for us and wanted to make sure that we liked it so Trev tossed in wee Cole and took it for a test drive. I have to say, it really hit home seeing my husband with a baby strapped to him.......this is really going to happen!
Jacob working him magic on the electronics.

Jordan and Paul visiting.....

Wee baby Cole and Auntie Lindsey.

The Entire Gang, minus the napping baby.

Dad opening his gifts......Happy Father's Day Dad.

Sweet Cole.

We had a great time relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
We celebrated Father's Day with my dear dad a couple weeks ago when we took our trip down to Seattle with my parents for a Mariners Game. Love you Dad.........Happy Father's Day.
And to my very soon-to-be Father, Trev..........I love you so very much and cannot wait until we officially start our little family.

Monday, June 9, 2008

In A Better Place

This morning we got a phone call from my mom informing us that my Uncle Bill passed away today. He is actually my mom's uncle but we have been close to them him and his wife Auntie Tina since we were little.
Some pictures of happier times at our wedding.......
We were looking forward to seeing them the end of July during our visit back east. Our thoughts and prayer are with Auntie Tina and my mom and her sister in this hard time and would appreciate any prayers as well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's "Share Something About Yourself Most People Don't Know" Day

Every morning on my way to work I pass numerous farmers fields, and, we all know what that means this time of year when crops are being planted: fertilizer or, more specifically, manure. It occurred to me as my nostrils were suddenly overwhelmed with the scent wafting from a particular field that this time of year and the smell that goes along with is probably not very pleasant for most people. Then it occurred to me that I really really like the smell of good 'ol spudukee (family slang for manure). For most, it smells like poo but for me it is the smell of my childhood and is a very nostalgic scent. It brings me back to hot summer days riding in the tractor with my dad fertilizing our fields on the farm.
We had a good laugh about this same thing on Monday afternoon during dinner with Trevor's parents. So I confess to all and anyone who may read this blog.......I really enjoy the smell of manure. Some one else's turn........

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

:: Baby Update ::

So we met with our midwife this morning and such is the status report........we had a lengthy and informative discussion about homebirth and I feel noting but more encouraged about trying it. We went over the situations where I would have to be transferred to the hospital, the regulations surrounding homebirths and the supplies needed and provided. Berta was very supportive for going this route and put all my concerns at ease so we are settled on a homebirth. We also discussed some other procedures and consents as well as directions to our house of course :) So my weight was 143lbs which is very little to no change from last visit and bambino's heart rate was in the 140's and going strong. The only problem arose with my measurement and at 34 weeks I should be 34 centimeters. The whole pregnancy I have consistently been one centimeter or so small but I didn't grow at all from my appointment three weeks ago when I was almost 31 weeks and around 30 centimeters. So just to be safe and sure I am being sent for another ultrasound on Wednesday to check babies growth. There is no urgent concern but with the goal of a homebirth we want to be as prepared and informed and we can be. The chances are the baby is just small or I just hide it well but again, safe over sorry! So there we are.........getting more tired but still feeling wonderful and getting more excited each day and looking forward to my last day of work on June 19th!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

~ 34 Weeks ~

Only 6 more weeks to go until our Bambino makes a grand entrance and we are so excited! The belly is coming along well and it's so nice to look as pregnant as I feel!We can double up on these pictures as the update on my hair too! Saw my stylist yesterday and she cut it a little shorter than usual but it's really growing on me!
We have bought a couple outfits, reciepts and tags attached, that I couldn't resist as well as some diapers. Seeing the midwife tomorrow so check back for an update on my weight and measurements as well as an update on the homebirth scenario. As of right now we are still feeling very confident about giving it a shot and are excited to be able to experience the birth of our first child in the most comfortable place we know!

...Go Mariners Go...

This weekend, Trev and I tripped down to Seattle with my parents for the Mariners-Tigers game at Safeco Field. We left Saturday afternoon and had wonderful travel weather!
Dad-to-be, Dad and Mom on the can see the Delta in the background too.
Oma and Opa (or whatever they will be called) to-be.
Enjoying the sunshine.........
We also got to witness a "Man Overboard"drill en route. They actually threw a bucket in the water and pulled a big 'ol ferry e-brake and launched the rescue crew. It was pretty neat.
Mom keeping up on her knitting. And don't get any ideas.........the boy blanket is already done!
Our Father's Day gift for dad......a very cool and helpful GPS unit. It sure came in handy!
At the border.....only a small 15 minute wait or so.
Coming into Seattle
Enjoying a giant ice cream cone while walking around the city Saturday evening.
Arriving at the field.
The view from our seats......
My very "healthy" ball game meal.
My momma and I.
Trev and Dad.
Yes everyone, that is a footlong hotdog and yes and I ate the whole thing!Play Ball
Enroute to the ferry.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, it was such an awesome time even though we ended up losing the game.. We used to take in Blue Jays games when I was young and this absolutely took me back. The hour and 10 minute sit in the car at the border was not so awesome but we sure made the best of it. Thanks for the great time Mom and Dad.........great memories for sure! Love you.