Friday, June 25, 2010

For All You Momma's

Came across this poem from a fellow blogger who cited it from this blog......all you mom's out there, read and know.
"My willingness to carry life is the revenge, the antidote, the great
rebuttal of every murder, every abortion, and every genocide. I sustain
humanity. Deep inside of me, life grows. I am death's opposition.

I have pushed back the hand of darkness today. I have caused there to
be a weakening tremor among the ranks of those set on earth's
destruction. Today a vibration that calls angels to attention echoed
throughout time. Our laughter threatened hell today.

I dined with the greats of God's army. I made their meals, and tied
their shoes. Today, I walked with greatness, and when they were tired I
carried them. I have poured myself out for the cause today.

It is finally quiet, but life stirs inside of me. Gaining strength, the
pulse of life sends a constant reminder to both good and evil that I
have yielded myself to Heaven and now carry its dream. No angel has
ever had such a privilege, nor any man. I am humbled by the honor.
I am great with destiny.

I birth the freedom fighters. In the great war, I am a leader of
underground resistance. I smile at the disguise of my troops,
surrounded by a host of warriors, destiny swirling, invisible yet
tangible, and the anointing to alter history. Our footsteps marking
land for conquest, we move undetected through the common places.

Today I was the barrier between evil and innocence. I was the gate
keeper, watching over the hope of mankind, and no intruder trespassed.
There is not an hour of day or night when I turn from my post. The
fierceness of my love is unmatched on earth.

And because I smiled instead of frowned the world will know the power
of grace. Hope has feet, and it will run to the corners of earth,
because I stood up against destruction.

I am a woman. I am a mother. I am the keeper and sustainer of life here
on earth. Heaven stands in honor of my mission. No one else can carry
my call. I am the daughter of Eve. Eve has been redeemed. I am the
opposition of death. I am a woman."
- Christianna Reed Maas, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

{A Little Girl & Her Pretty's}

We had some time between bath time and bedtime last night.....all I had to do was get out my bag of nail polish and Missy D* was ready......

I'd never painted her toes before and found it harder to do than her fingers but she was so good, as usual. When she woke up this morning, I showed her her toes while changing her diaper and she was so excited.....again.

{Two-year-old girls are so much fun!}

There Is NO Way.....

Yet another photo of our ever-growing (and moving, much to mamma's delight) wee babe.....
{this is for you Auntie S*}

I came across some newborn diapers on sale at Walmart and picked up a bag. I got them home and opened the bag.....I instantly regretted spending the money because, after seeing how tiny they were, was certain that there was no possible way that they were going to fit the baby.....they are way too small.....
To be honest, I won't believe that they'll fit until I see it with my own eyes.....there is also no way that my almost two-year-old was ever small enough to wear them.
I don't believe it.
There is no way......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

:: New Love ::

Just after Denay was born, we got some fabulous baby lotion given to us from The Body Shop called Buriti Baby. I recently ran out and was on the hunt for some good lotion.....I picked some live clean (baby) from Walmart and I am in love!
It's definitely not as cheap as Johnson & Johnson's (we're not big fans of their baby stuff around here) but it smells so amazing and in two days of using it I've already noticed Denay's skin is softer and more moisturized. It's full of natural botanicals and organic materials and is free of lots of the other stuff that's in cheaper lotion.
Holla, Momma's! This stuff is great!

A few weeks ago, I spent Denay's naptime outside scrubbing and power-washing the needless to say, ipod in and all, I didn't do any checking on my daughter in the fews hours I was out there.......I came inside to check on her and found this.......
......little turkey had obviously climbed out of bed during her "naptime" to read and ended falling asleep on her blankie on the carpet on her books.
In one word: precious.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good As New

This project needed to get done.
We stained our deck last year but you definitely couldn't tell this year. It was faded and just didn't look good. The picture on the right is after it's been soaked, scrubbed and power-washed but it didn't look much better before......but the after, *sigh* of relief!
After weeding, reorganizing, adding new plants to and spreading fresh bark mulch on my garden this week, my back deck makes me smile. It feels so great to know it's all done and I'll be able to really enjoy our backyard this I just need to repaint the fence........

Friday, June 18, 2010

:: Family Day ::

On Saturday we went down to Victoria to take part in some special events. The Navy was celebrating it's Centennial and we went out to Fort Rodd Hill to see a bay full of warships and navy boats from all around the world including the USS Ronald Regan, the largest warship in the world.
:: Hanging out at the lighthouse ::

:: Upper left-navy ships just off shore, Lower left-army helicopter fly-by, Lower right-Snowbird performance, Upper right-parachute demonstration. We also got to experience an F-18 fighter jet fly-by.......I think it almost liquefied my insides! ::
Afterwards we picked up a Subway lunch and drove into downtown Victoria. It was such a beautiful day! We sat on the lawns of the Parliament Building and enjoyed looking out over the inner harbour and soaking in the sunshine. Both Denay and I came home with pretty impressive sunburns!

:: Pictures with mum and dad ::

It was so refreshing to spend a warm summer day relaxing and being together as a family......and I can't wait for this family to grow!

~ Silly Baby ~

I was outside re-staining our deck on the weekend (post on that to come!) and I missed this Kodak moment.......
She's figured out that her books are sturdy enough to stand on :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

{the baby bump chronicles: 25 weeks}

Ahh, 25 weeks and feelin' good!
Saw the midwife last week and baby's heartbeat is staying true in the 140's and I'm was measuring about 23cm. She got the report back from the specialist that said what we already knew, baby is healthy and growing well! We also got into a great discussion of the right and wrong ways to adjust a toddler to having a new baby in the house and whether or not to involve Denay in the labour and delivery.
I'm well on the way to having house and home ready for baby to come.....and nice and early too so I'm able to really get out and enjoy the summer as best I can.
And go back in time here, to check out Denay's baby bump at around the same time in my pregnancy with her......

:: Mayhem ::

Bad, Christy! Bag Blogger!
I'm in a scramble to complete a page (single-spaced) long to-do list that includes a few painting projects, somer serious gardening, organizing and well, nesting.....don't write me off.
I'll try to at least get up a baby bump picture for you today!
Hope you're all out enjoying some of the sunny weather!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

~ Extreme Shopping ~

On Saturday night while hanging out with my SIL, she introduced me to what seems to be the newest craze in shopping - couponing.
I'd heard about it on Facebook but had no idea what it was about but I sure got a crash course.
The long and short of it is "stacking" coupons and using the policy at London Drugs to save a whole bunch of money.
Shawna sat me down and taught me as best she could and then it was off to the store for some hands on learning......

Here's what I got:
-two boxes of 18 count tampons
-a Febreze Flameless Luminary candle
-5 Gillette 3 disposable razors
-one Fusion Proglide razor (with extra cartridge)
-one bottle of Head and Shoulders Conditioner
-Dawn dish soap
-Gillette Satin Care shave gel
-two packs Cascade Action Packs dish wash detergent (30 loads worth)

Total Value: $69.08

Total Spent: $14.60 ($6.78 in tax on total amount)

Total Coupon Savings: $54.48

Yeah, I know.

I walked out with almost $70 worth of brand names products and only paid $14.60 and only $7.82 of that was actual cost; the rest, like I wrote above, was in taxes on the total amount.

It would take far too long for me to write out an explanation of how I was not arrested for theft but I think you can expect to be updated further on my endeavour into coupons......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Big Girl's First Haircut

After getting my hair done on Thursday, I made an appointment for Denay to get her hair trimmed the next day. I cut her bangs every couple weeks but she hasn't had her ends trimmed in over a year so I thought it would be a good idea to have someone who actually knows what they are doing to get it all evened up.
I had no idea how Denay was going to take it so I came prepared but it was all unnecessary! She sat so still and was such an angel. She looked so grown up sitting the the chair with the huge cape around her tiny neck, it made me a little teary.

Her bangs are finally straight and properly cut and her ends look fresh and feel so healthy.

This is one true girly girl.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Quest Continues

Last weekend, the hubby and I went out for a date night.....the first in what feels like a really really long time. After a wonderful dinner at Mr. Mikes it was over to the local theater to watch the new Shrek movie (definitely don't recommend this for small children) and before heading to pick up our girly we stopped at Tim's for a yummy Coldstone treat.
You may recall this post and this was the perfect chance to knock off a couple more treats from my list of kinds to try.
Husband ordered the Cookie Doughn't You Want Some made with french vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, chunks of cookie dough and chocolate syrup......
And I got the Applie Pie A La Coldstone also made with french vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon, apple pie filling and caramel syrup...... Okay, let's all say "yummy" together.....
If I had to pick my favourite from the three I'd tried it would have to be the first, the Birthday Cake Remix but they are all so delicious in their own right.
Stayed tuned for more on my adventure to eat lots and lots of ice cream......

Monday, June 7, 2010

An Answer To Prayer

I mentioned in a post last week that I had been scheduled for another ultrasound with a specialist to check on a potential issue that had shown up during my 20 week scan. My mom came down with me for moral support and to watch Denay for me during the hour long appointment. I was in the ultrasound room for the whole hour and was even able to watch the entire scan on a wall-mounted screen.
I am so happy and overjoyed to report that two sonographers and a Doctor were unable to find any issues or any problem that could harm the baby or make this pregnancy complicated in any way!
The ladies who did the first part of the scan even printed out a whole other set of pictures for me.....
We were surrounded by such a group of prayer warriors and God truly kept me in His peace that passes understanding during the week and a half between the call from my midwife and my appointment. We were asking for a clear ultrasound and for the problem to be completely gone and God's hand was at work and baby is safe and very healthy.
I stand as witness that we serve a God who hears and answers our prayers and who is always faithful and never swerving!

:: A Baby Girl & A Pink Balloon ::

What mom could resist...... adorable little girl...... .....and a hot pink balloon..... :: We were out a the grand opening to a new community spray park andI certainly couldn't resist getting Denay's face painted ::She sat so very still and talked about "budda-fry, face" all day......
Precious, precious!

:: Newest Girly ::

I am so way behind considering this sweet, tiny little lady is now almost four weeks old.
Just before 7:00 in the evening on Friday May the 14th, we got a very exciting phone call.
Our really good friends, Kurtis and Natalie had just welcomed their second baby girl. Needless to say I was shrieking and almost in tears while Trevor talked to Kurtis and got all the details!
This, is Charlotte Hope, born weighing 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. Trevor and I went to meet her the next day and I've got to admit, it really made me want another girl too :) I also want to add that God answered prayers for a VBAC for Natalie and she had a good and complication free delivery!
I've seen Miss Charlotte a couple of times since then and I must say that she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.
Can't wait to watch another girl grow up in the giant tea party that seems to be happening over here7

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home Again

We're settled in and relaxing after a particularly wonderful weekend away visiting Trev's family. It felt so strange leaving know that the next time I go back again, I'll have another baby.
Saturday we had the chance to finally meet a very precious not-so-little-anymore baby named Isabella who is the daughter of Trev's best friend. Her momma is faithful reader around these was so nice to chat and catch up even if for a short time Lindsay! After that it was lunch and then off to Trevor's gramma's 90th birthday celebration. Yep, you read that right, 90 years old. This lady is a legacy in her own right and it was such a great afternoon of catching up with family and rejoicing in a true woman of God.
:: Gramma Rosie cutting her cake ::
Saturday evening was spent hanging out and having dinner with Shawna and "her boys". I love, love my two rambunctious nephews and watching all three babes play and laugh together does this momma's heart good. Denay loves her cousins!
Church and lunch and coming home were the only things on the menu today.
I've got a whole gambit of posts I'm working on for your reading pleasure so make sure and come back to visit!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

:: May Long Weekend 2010 | Qualicum Beach ::

We had a wonderful weekend away in our home on wheels with my parents in lovely and quaint Qualicum Beach. Last year we were in Tofino and this year we wanted to stick a little closer to home. The weather was slightly less than favourable but we did manage to get outside on Saturday and even saw the sun for a little while.
:: Denay and Opa exploring the beach. This quickly turned into turning over rocks to find crabs ::
:: Not sure if you can tell but Denay has got the leash on Daddy's wrist and is taking him for a walk....with her "buddy" Copper by her side ::
:: Having a very sticky "mahlow" experience ::
:: Ice cream on the beach :: :: Great shot my momma took ::
:: On the beach in the sun. Off came the shoes and socks and away she went ::
:: Baby feet! ::
:: This girl couldn't care less how cold the weather or water was ::
:: Copper always at her side ::
:: Hubby took this one.....she cried when we left ::
:: Building a raft with daddy and Opa on a rainy Sunday ::
:: Cuddling one of Oma's new puppies ::
:: One of my favourite parts of camping.....Quadra pies. These started years ago during a camping trip to Quadra with some family friends. White bread, buttered on one side, spread with pie filling, place in sandwich toaster (see here) and cook over fire until perfectly toasted.....then, eat it!! ::
:: Taking her baby for a stroll while daddy packed the trailer ::
I have to say that my least favourite part of camping is leaving and I can't wait until our trip this summer. I'm also thinking of planning one last one in September before baby comes. A certain little person also seems very keen on another camping trip.
Icky weather aside, a wonderful time was had, and special memories were made.
What did ya'll do for the long weekend?