Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~ Showers Of Congratulations C&K ~

It is with much joy and excitement that I blog this post! On Sunday, my dearest and oldest friend Kerry, got engaged to her long-time friend Colin! The proposal took place on top of local Mount Tzouhalem where Colin and some of his friends built a gazebo out of trees and branches and surrounded them with flowers.
:: The Happy Couple ::
A picture of what the ring looks like........
C&K.......I can't even verbalize how happy I am for you both. It's been an amazing blessing being able to watch you both grow over the past five years in your friendship and as individuals and now to see you so happy together and looking forward to a future as Hubby and Wifey! I love you both so much.........Congrats!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: It's About Time ::

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I shouldn't have ANY explaining to do on this one. To say the least, I've needed new runners 7 months ago but, here it comes........I hate shoe shopping. It always becomes this long, lengthy and unenjoyable process that usually winds up being expensive. So I've been wearing these worn, torn, ripped and tattered runners to work and when we go for walks. Notice the holes worn through the fabric inside the heels on this one.
I can push my baby toes out of the sides :)Not going to lie........I'm a little embarrased.
After mowing the soaking lawn in my old shoes last night, Trev walked in the door and said "So I guess we need to get you some new shoes, hey!". So we made a trip by the shoe store tonight, me with a lump in my stomach (no pun intended), for how long this was going to take. But we walked in, I picked up the only style in the same brand as my old ones, and we walked out no more 10 minutes later! Check out these spiffy duds!
I am so pleased! We even got home in time to watch the season premiere (YAY) of So You Think You Can Dance.........thank you LORD for your blessings in the market place.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

T-Minus 60 Days......

I can't believe that seven months have flown by and this baby is due two months tomorrow! Starting to feel more and more tired and my bedtime is getting earlier and earlier but feeling great still other than that. Saw the midwife yesterday........baby's heart rate was in the high 130's to low 140's just like at the ultrasound. My weight stayed the same as last month which brings my total (estimated) weight gain thus far to about 12 pounds. I am still measuring small at 30 cm (I am 31 weeks) and she confirmed the baby is head down, bum up. We discussed birth preferences and where we were planning on having the baby and she got me thinking that I may like to have this baby at home. It would be so nice to be able to have Trevor sleep with me, have my own shower and food and space and to be able to fall asleep in my own bed. And after talking at length with Trevor and my mom about all the aspects and pros and cons I really feel, after talking to the two people that know me best, that having a home birth just might be the perfect thing for me. So it's certainly something that I will continue to be in prayer about bring up with my midwife at our next visit but I'm really feeling quite comfortable with the idea would covet any prayers for guidance for sure! Check back for some more growing belly pictures soon.......

Monday, May 12, 2008

...Baby Bum Bum...

I had all the luck today and got a fabulous sonographer for my ultrasound. He was so friendly and personable and we really hit it off. I made sure to slip in there that I worked at a doctors office that frequently refers patients to the clinic he works at and got talking about the back-up at our local hospital and all sorts of things. I guess he took a liking and when he was finished with the ultrasound he let me see the baby! The heart rate was the lowest it's ever been at 134 bpm, normally it's in the high 150's. He showed me a profile of the face, and I must say that she/he has a VERY cute little nose. I got to see the little heart beating too. The baby is head down facing to my left with her/his little bum up top under by sternum and by my right kidney and my liver, arms and legs pushing against my left side. All of which explains why I always feeling pressure in my upper right quadrant and my lower/mid left quadrant at the same time.......the baby is pushing her/his bum up with her/his legs. It was such a treat to see the baby again and I think it will hold me over for the short 8 weeks or so until our Bambino is ready to make it's grand entrance!

Go See This One........

So while in Nanaimo for my ultrasound this morning, we decided to do a little shopping while up north. Since we had nothing to do at home, we though we'd see a matinee. So we went and saw Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr and Gwenyth Paltrow.........go catch this flick! And see it in a really good theatre with great sound. If you saw Transformers and loved it you will love this one too. Lots of great action, great visual effects, and awesome humor.
We give it two thumbs up.........and based on all the movement from the baby, she/he liked it too!

:: New Purses and Tomato Soup ::

*Happy Mother's Day *
I truly hope all you mother's out there felt blessed and were made to feel extra special! Trevor and I started our day off with a sleep in (much needed). Even though I made him promise not to buy me anything, I was surprised by this while reading the paper in bed.........
.......super cute bag from Superstore. It's funny, the more pregnant I get the more attracted I am to accessories and the bigger they get :) And who knows, maybe it could even double as a diaper bag ;) Then I was treated to Sunday morning pancakes. We enjoyed a wonderful church service and many hugs and (early) Mother's Day wishes from those nearest and dearest. After a quick trip home for a change of clothes it was over to my parents house for a dinner cooked by my dear dad. One small hiccup......because I had an ultrasound this morning I had to have a fat-free supper. Which means while my family was eating teriyaki chicken and roast potatoes, I was having tomato soup and salad. Yum. But a good time was had for sure. Can't wait until I can be a mum......and to my dear Mom and Mom-In-Law, much love and blessings to you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: LiVe AnD iN cOlOr ::

A few months ago while at work flipping through the newspaper's entertainment section, a certain ad caught my eye. It was for the Stars On Ice: Live And In Color tour that was coming to Victoria just a week before Mother's Day. Couldn't have been more perfect. So I called my mom up and made sure she was available and told her to book me in on May 5th for a girls night. I even managed to keep it a secret for two months! Mom had no idea what we were doing until we got IN the doors on the Save-On-Foods Memorial center and she saw one of the programs. As I used to figure skate when I was young it was a girl thing we always shared and we hadn't been to an event in years. We had an awesome time to say the least!
A couple of my favourites, Olympic Gold Medalists Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.
The very talented Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon.....two time World Silver Medalists.
One of the group routines........
And the infamous Sasha Cohen.....Olympic Silver Medalist. This was an amazing routine, as is obvious.
They were joined by Jeff Buttle, Jennifer Robinson, Joannie Rochette, Michael Weiss, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao and of course the fabulous and wonderful Kurt Browning whom I have loved ever since I was a little girl. It was such a treat to spend an evening treating my mom and truly enjoying ourselves together. It kind of took my back to my childhood and I couldn't stop smiling. Love you mom........hope you had as much fun as I did. I am truly blessed to be able to celebrate you being my mother. Thanks for all the support, love and direction you have given and continue to give. I can only pray I can be to a daughter one day the mother you have been to me!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

?Do You See What I See?

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of adding another original art piece by a very good friend of ours to our little painting collection.
As is my MO, I fell in love at first sight with "Do You See What I See"
Very abstract and full of texture.
And goes with the room SO well.
We are in the midst of shuffling and sorting as we continue to get our house in order for baby. Thanks for the piece Chels.........it's beautiful!

My Lovely Baby Bump

As of May 1rst, I'm six and a half months along! I can't believe how fast the time is flying. The baby is moving so much and I'm just growing more and more excited to meet this little person that I already feel like I know so well.
My (finally) baby bump.........
It's really coming along now!
Still feeling so awesome.........and haven't had any strangers at the grocery store feeling me up yet so all is well. And I'm still wearing my regular jeans which feels so great. Love you baby..........

A Little Bit Of Green

Knowing that we had only a small window of sun to work with, last Monday Trev and I made it count and "cheered" up our front garden a little bit! There were plants in it last year but they didn't last.
This is what we started out with.........
And the semi-finished product as it will only get fuller looking once the plants grow.Boring........
We were literally just finishing up when it started to rain. Feels so good coming home to a little more than an empty pile of dirt! Can't wait to do more!

:: Cole Robert's Dedication ::

This past Sunday, Trev and I made a trip to the mainland for our youngest nephew Cole's dedication. We enjoyed a wonderful church service and were so excited to get to see the family again.If you can believe it, this is the ONLY picture taken on our camera at the lunch afterwards at Paul and Shawna's.........I'm slacking. Anyways, me and Charlene and our preggo bellies. So fun! She is due I think a month after me with her second.
We pray God's blessings over little Cole's life and that he would grow into a man after God's own heart!