Tuesday, October 28, 2008

* Dutch Word Of The Week *

Yup, it's that time again........this weeks word is "goedemorgen" which translates to good day in English.
:: Happy Tuesday ::

~ Happy Milestone Oma ~

I've had this post ready and sitting for almost two weeks (sorry mom!). On the 16th of this month, we celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. It was just Trevor, Denay, my parents and myself, and we had a great dinner at Just Jake's in town.
Mom with Denay the day after she was born.
Happy Birthday Mom. I can't even begin to thank you for all you've done and been in my life. I love you so much........

:: Welcome Sweet Baby Girl Aylah Lucy ::

On Thursday morning at 11:08, our friends Joe and Sarah, welcomed their first child. Aylah Lucy was born by c-section weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces.
:: Gods perfect gift ::
:: The family having a cuddle ::
Sarah had her surgery Thursday morning and came straight from the hospital to church on Sunday, and I got to have a cuddle :)
It was hard to hold her and remember that Denay was once that small less than four months ago. Sarah and baby are doing fabulous.........Congrats guys! I hope our girlies grow up to be bestest friends!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

:: The Dutch Word Of The Week ::

For any that may not know, I am Dutch by heritage and both of my parents are first generation Canadians. My dad speaks Dutch very fluently and my mom can hold her own as well. There are a few phrases that I use on a regular basis but I'm on a quest to expand my word repertoire so I thought I'd take you along with me. I will also make an effort to incorporate my new found words into my posts.
This week's word is "vaarwel", literally translated to "farewell" in English.

:: I feel Dutchier already ::

Eat Your Heart Out Martha Stewart

I have to precede this post by saying that the only season I really ever decorate for is Christmas. That being said, I do love the colors of fall and have been wanting to dress up our front door with a bright, vibrant wreath to give it some pop. Maybe it's my small town, maybe not, but I went all over and couldn't find anything that I loved. So while at Wal-Mart today, I made a last minute decision to try my hand at making one myself. So here's what I came home with..........a wicker wreath and a collection and selection of various fall-ish berries and flowers.Then our dear Lord smiled on me, and my sweet baby actually fell asleep (never happens, and I swear I didn't drug her) so, Carpe Diem, I got to creating.
And much to my joy and pride, this is my masterpiece.....
:: Our now much prettier front door ::
I think I can say in all truth, that, aside for my precious girl of course, I've never been more proud of anything I've ever made! Alas, my girly awakes.....I hope wherever you are, that your weather is a tame and dry as mine and you able to get out and enjoy it before the sidewalks are littered with lawsuit potential wet, slippery leaves!

:: Vaarwel Friends ::

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Very Scary Punkin

While we were on the mainland for Thanksgiving, Denay got this fabulous hat from Tante Shawna......too cute for words! Thanks Shawna! Taking a nap on Thanksgiving day.......it hard being an adorable baby, alright!
The straight on angle.
Shawna also lent us some things to keep Denay occupied.......she was a little tiny yet but seemed to enjoy the jolly jumper!
Just keepin' ya'll updated on our sweet baby girl!
:: Aloha ::

:: Thanksgiving 2008 ::

This years Thanksgiving on Trevor side was quite a do, to say the least! My
MIL Joanne coordinated a potluck with all of the extended family at their house. All said there was over 40 people!
Here is the living room......all ready for guests.
From the other end of the room........Denay was very busy watching Baby Einstein while Trev and I helped Joanne get ready.
The crowd starting to arrive.
This was the first time many of Trev's extended family members got to meet Denay. She was well passed around.
Joanne and Uncle Ken preparing the gravy.
Denay and Trevor's cousin's son, Cooper, getting acquianted.
The largest table......
Shawna and Charleen.
Charleen and I with Sophia and Denay......they were born just over a month apart.
Just before whisking off to the ferry on Monday, we made a stop at Trev's gramma's place as she wasn't able to see Denay at Thanksgiving.
We truly had a great great trip! We were even able to leave Denay with Grammie and Grampy on Saturday night and we got to go out to a movie! What a treat, thanks Mom and Dad.
:: Our Thanksgiving with my family was much more low key. Since I am the only child still living in the province (and we had a turkey dinner when Nathan was home), my dad just made some wicked good pizza and we watched Baby Mama (great movie) ::
I hope you were all able to spend time with family and reflect on that which you are thankful for!

A Shower For Denay

A few weeks ago, my mom threw me a baby shower for Denay. We had a small, but great fun and laughs and before we knew it, it was late!
:: The cake my mom had made ::
:: The table spread ::
:: The awesome diaper cake from Shawna and Trevor's Mum. It was SUCH a hit ::
Thanks so much Mom/Oma for the awesome shower. I had such a great time..........Love you so much!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:: The Results ::

So very sorry I've been keeping your all in intense suspense for so many days........Trevor and I were on the mainland for the bulk of the weekend celebrating Thanksgiving (more on that to come) so I'm just getting around to doing some catching up. For those of you who know me even a little, option B was not far off from something I would do but the true answer was C. I was bringing two Dutch Apple Pies for the huge Thanksgiving potluck at Trev's parents house and of course, the very last drawer I looked in (and ripped apart) was where I found my one lonely pie plate. But I got all of my cupboards decluttered and cleaned and organized and was able to clear away some of the stuff we didn't need or use! Ahhh......feels good. Oma and Opa took the baby for a couple hours today so I got to so my pantry cupboard, fridge and freezer done as well today. Feels good! Check back for some photos of our Thanksgiving............hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of love, family and memories!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Just take a moment to take in this disaster that is, right now, my kitchen........Let me hear your guesses............was this a result of.......
A) my husband telling me that if I don't declutter and clean out the kitchen cabinets, he is going to leave me.
B) a middle of the night urge to get some seriously late spring cleaning done while I don't have a baby to look after.
C) a simple search for a pie plate wrong awry.
D) all the hard work of my fabulous housecleaner that I could only afford to pay to do half of the job.
Weigh in your guess.........answer to come!

Monday, October 6, 2008

~ 'Lil Munchkin ~

Just some cute piccy's of our ever growing girl..........:: Blue Steel ::
:: Chillin' with Uncle Nathan ::

:: Denay's Dedication ::

Yesterday we had a big day around here.......our baby girl was dedicated! It really was a beautiful day full of friends and family, old and new.
Denay was SUCH an angel the whole time.......Pastor Mark had an amazing word for us and thanks to Christan, we got it all on video.
:: Great prayer time ::
:: Mark took Denay for a walk around the church to meet her family ::
:: Afterwards, we had a BBQ at my parent's house. This is the table my mom made up, and the beautiful cake my SIL Shawna created for us! ::
:: It was a mixed bag of emotions.......with Nathan coming home, then my youngest brother Ryan, leaving for Alberta right after church. We're sure going to miss him! ::
:: Us ::
:: Denay and cousin Cole getting acquainted ::
:: The pretty pink cake ::
:: Jacob and Denay watching "Praise Baby" together ::
:: All the cousins ::
:: The MaC Family. Our day was truly made complete having P, S, J, C, Mum and Dad come and spend the day with us. We got some time to just hang out after everyone left and it was some really cherished time for sure. Love you guys! ::
It was a tiring but wonderful day and I am so reminded of all the love that our tiny family is surrounded with.
:: Denay, we love you with all of our being and so look forward to watching you grow and loving you to your heavenly Father ::

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Reunion

We were just in the process of parking the trailer and getting everything unhooked last night at my parent's house, when I heard my dad say something and when I walked around the trailer, who do I see but my brother!! Then I hear someone else and I look up on the deck and there is his fiancee Brice!! Holy moly..........They weren't supposed to come until Thursday so to say the least we were a little surprised.
It didn't take long for Nathan and his niece Denay to meet and get acquainted........
Brice was busy cooking us a fabulous dinner and Nathan was with the baby so our plan to hide them and really surprise my mom when she came home from work was foiled because we lost all track of time..........but it was still a very emotional moment.
Seeing her boy for the first time since January.........
It was clear very quickly that Auntie Brice didn't lose her touch!
She had Denay asleep in no time!Nathan had oodles and oodles of pictures and video. It was a little surreal to watch some of them!
It is SO nice to have Nathan and Brice home and we look forward to many celebrations over the next week with the two of them! Love you guys...........

:: Home Sweet Home.......On Wheels ::

Ahhh.......yesterday we finally got to take home our very exciting purchase! I met Trevor at the dealership to have a walk-through with the owner of the dealership and by 7:00 we were on our way to my parent's house where the Hideout will be living for the winter.I can't wait to start stocking it up and then take it out.........We look forward to many happy memories it this trailer and I look forward to making the first ones soon!