Monday, February 28, 2011


:: Okay, okay ::
It's been two-and-a-half weeks since my last post......feels like years.
We, very innocently, ended up at a flooring retailer after swimming lessons four weeks ago and what followed was a month of paint, trim, chaos, doorlessness (blogger spellcheck is trying to tell me that doorlessnes isn't a word...what do they know), bunking at my parents house, no carpet-bad carpet-no carpet-new carpet, touch-ups and madness.
We gave ourselves a month timeline for everything to be done for Trev's family's visit this past weekend for Paisley's dedication (yes, giant blog post on that coming soon).
:: So take these snappys from way back in the middle of January as a tide-over ::
The Princesses are all snuggled in their lovely Bebe Au Lait hooded towels.

Very soon, my Bloggowers, very soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

:: Twenty Years Younger ::

I confess.

I very unintentionally went overboard this Christmas for Denay. I guess I sort of justified each gift as a gift for both girls and got twice as much as I should. Needless to say, I think we'll be going with the one gift rule next year :)

Anyways, I was browsing the Toys R Us website for ideas and came across this.....annndd, fell in love. Then I saw the price. Yeah, no.

Four days before Christmas I checked back on the website and to my delight, it was on sale for $40 off.
I ran up and picked it up and when Christmas morning came, fun.

:: The adults almost had more fun playing than Denay did (Opa) ::

:: We were so very impressed, considering it's plastic, the great detail. Notice in the upper right picture, the toilet brush on the toilet ::

I definitely know that this is going to get A LOT of playtime between Denay, Paisley and babies #3 and #4 (eventually).

Monday, February 7, 2011

{Thankful Whatever-Day-Of-The-Week-I-Manage-To-Have-Time-To-Actually-Write-A-Blog-Post}

Okay, just fire me.
We've been a teensy busy around here.....the end.
Anyways......Thankful, thankful.
Short and sweet: I am thankful for a mid-morning conversation with a very wonderful friend (and fellow mamma of two girls) of mine. We shared frustrations and laughs and stories and we listened to each other's most recent parenting and discipline struggles.
Turns out, we were both in the place, having the same problems.
I got off the phone feeling normal and relieved instead of guilty and alone in my parenting roller coaster.
For these moments, I am very thankful.