Monday, January 28, 2008

~~ Brand New Toy ~~

For a little while now, Trevor and I have been on the look for a new vehicle. Our car (Trev's 1991 Honda Prelude) still runs fine but we definitely needed an upgrade to four doors and a little more safety. It took us a while to decide on what we actually wanted but we finally managed to and the hunt ensued. Trevor really really wanted an SUV. I was a little against it because it is really necessary at this point in our lives but it does offer a little more car around you and a little more height when you are hauling a baby in and out. Our search ended in Sooke, with this beautiful 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The second I saw this truck I fell in love. Even though I swore up and down I would NEVER over my dead body drive a domestic this is a lovely vehicle. We took it for a cruise and the love deepened. This thing in brand new on the inside. Like MINT. Not a scratch, dent, rip or blemish. It was an older couple that owned it and have had it since new and still had the original dealer window sticker. It's sick to think they paid $42,000 for it and then what they got for it 8 years later but they really took care of it. It rides so smooth and I really like not being 6-inches off the ground or getting down into the car. And since I happen to know a really hot tire man we got a great deal on some brand new Nokian's and now it rides even nicer! So there you have it.........I really hope that we are done with all our large baby's-on-the-way purchases now!

::: Time For Our Close Up :::

Before Nathan and Brice headed back to Manitoba, my mom hired Gloria Bell (our fabulous wedding photographer) to do a family portrait session. We have yet to see her proofs but my mom did manage to snap a couple great ones with my camera.
This is actually a really cool one of Kevin.
Nicely positioned shot of N&B.
All the kids.........original and new additions.
:: The Fantastic Four ::
And the even more fantastic six (and a bit).
Will try and upload Gloria's shots as soon as we get them but I think these are pretty great! Loves Ya Family!!

Happy Engagement Nathan & Brice

On December 29th our family along with Brice's family planned an engagement party for Nathan and Brice. We had an amazing turnout of friends, family, and old classmates. Brice even had family come out from the interior just for this wonderful celebration.
Ryan eagerly anticipation the arrival of the couple.
Part of the crowd waiting........This is the only reason I showed up :) Only kidding........sort of.
Far left and right, Nathan's former classmates, and the brothers in the middle.
The groom-to-be.
Happy siblings........I am so blessed.
Umm.......cutting the cake I guess.
Very unfortunately, Trevor, was on call for work and had to leave before Nathan and Brice arrived and didn't get back until almost everyone was gone. But it was a great night full of family and laughter and celebration. The couple has since set a date for July of 2009 for their special day!
Nathan and Brice.........we love you both and could not be more thrilled for you. You are in our prayers and we look forward to the next time we are all together again.

16 Weeks!

Well today is the four month mark! I can definitely agree that you cannot show soon enough, it's driving me crazy. Even though I feel like I still have a ways to go it's amazing how fast these months have gone by. I didn't think my ultrasound would ever come and now it's only 2 weeks away.
Not the biggest fan of this picture but the tummy is certainly coming along!I have started to notice that even though I'm not really big yet my pants are getting snug around the waistband. Weighed myself again on Saturday and so far altogether I've gained about five pounds. I see my mid-wife next Thursday again and can't wait to hear the thump-thump of the heartbeat again, what a sound!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

** Strange Week **

So had a bit of a different week this week........First off, on Tuesday evening after getting home from work and getting the mail I came across a envelope from a local realtor. I opened it to find a letter asking us if we would consider accepting an offer on our house, that they have motivated and financially qualified buyers and that the lack of housing in our price range would allow us to get top market dollar. Trevor and I talked very briefly about it but the thought of moving after all the work we've done on the house does not appeal to me. On top of the fact that we cannot afford a mortgage much more than we have right now, I don't want to move during the last few stages of pregnancy or with a newborn! And I really really REALLY love our house. We have poured our hearts into it and it's really become our home. Then I get home on Wednesday night from work and our neighbours stops me in the carport to tell me that her unit (#2) and unit #3 and #6 all have water in their attics along with black mould. Yuck. So Trevor gets home from work to me with a really bad look on my face. We rode over to my parents house to grab a really big flashlight and when we got home, Trevor stuck his head up in the attic and these are the pictures he got.That black line isn't a shadow, it's water.
And the black spots are mould.
We emailed our pictures to the strata council and got a reply letting us know they were aware and to contact the roofer to get over and fix the roof. The roofs on the first 12 units of our complex are only 3 years old and Trevor thinks that the roofers didn't seal a vent properly and that's where the water is leaking in. Trevor emailed the roofer and we never heard back. Apparently he hasn't been returning any ones phone calls. The big concerning issue with this is is that the attic is right above the nursery. It may also be the reason that I have had a moderate to severe cough for a good year now that has been undiagnosable.
We've heard from our neighbour that the roofers are coming tomorrow but we have no idea what time. I have talked with a doctor at work and he said I don't need to be worried specifically for my pregnancy but that it's not good for our health in general. So we will see what the next few days hold but here's hoping they don't rip apart our JUST finished nursery.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where To Go, When To Go?

Well just as of this week Trevor and I have decided that we are going to take an all-inclusive trip somewhere warm before are lives are so drastically and wonderfully changed. Now I'm learning that the hard part is just beginning! Where should we go? Myself and my girlfriend (her and her husband are coming with) have both voted not to go to Mexico. Just something about it..........doesn't appeal to me. So I think we've got it narrowed down to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic or Cuba. Our other dilemma being when do we go? As of April 15th or so I am no longer supposed to fly so we were thinking flying out the last Saturday in March and returning the following Saturday which would also allow to miss the price increase (and body count increase) that happens over Spring Break (the week before). I going to be huge at 22 weeks? Am I going to be miserable?? Since I've clearly never done this before I am now questioning whether or not to go sooner. Because if that's the case it will need to be late February to very early March and that's, ummm, a month away! So travellers and moms I need your help. I need feedback on place and timing. Pros and cons of all-inclusive, the good and the bad, where have you been and did you like it? And how does 22 weeks feel.........should we go sooner? I am seeking wisdom from the wiser! Thanks in advance :)

Friday, January 25, 2008


There seems to be a bit of an issue with the baby ticker because I most certainly do not have just 100 or so days to go. I wish! Still feeling great counting the days until my ultrasound..........

Thursday, January 24, 2008

:: For Our Viewing Pleasure ::

This is so ridiculously long over due! This year Trevor and I really didn't plan to buy each other Christmas presents just because there was nothing that either of us really wanted. A week and a bit before Christmas I found a great 3-in-1 Columbia winter jacket at Costco and since I'd been wearing Trevor's windbreaker thus far it was nice to have something really warm. Then when we got back from our holiday on the mainland, my mom informed me that she and my dad and grandparents had found a great electric fireplace that my grandparents wanted to buy us for Christmas. We had been looking for one for a good few months but never seemed to be able to find a good quality decent looking unit. We went and had a look at it and thought it was perfect! So we went with my dad and grandpa to pick it up and my grandpa being the haggler that he is, got an extra $50 off the already on-sale price. So we got it home and set it up. Great. Christmas Day Eve, Trevor is flipping through the Brick flyer and saw a 32-inch Sony Bravia on sale for a great deal. Now I have to add that our 19-inch tube television is in perfect working order and I have no problem with it at all. I also have to add that we are really not need-the-newest-high-tech-gadget type people at this was way out of the norm for us. But in a momentary lapse of judgement (as I am calling it) I told Trev that if he wanted it, he'd have to get up at 5:00 and wait in line cause I was sleeping in. And so he did.
The now pitiful looking before set-up.......
.........and what greeted me Boxing Day morning when I got up. Have to say that, although I was expecting a 32-inch, it was quite a shock to see how large the television was compared to our old one!
I do have to say, now that we have completely recovered from our splurge :) that it really changes the whole look of our room and it is SO wonderful having a fireplace. I LOVE watching flames. It still kind of shocks me every once and a while but all in all we are very pleased and we have since decided that this was our Christmas and birthday presents for 2008!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Driving to and from Victoria today, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, I was once again reminded of why I live where I do. The view over the Malahat across the water to the Sydney peninsula, the view into Esquimalt heading into Victoria is just breathtaking. The waterfalls falling over the rock faces on the Malahat and the endless mountain views.

The Best Place On Earth..........

:: Getting Ready For Baby ::

I figured it was about time to sit down and do a little more blogging about this impending life! We've had our crib and stroller set since November and it was quite an adventure setting it up since we put it together downstairs before realizing that it wouldn't fit up the stairs :) We put our first boy in the crib to test it out........he didn't quite know what to think.
Mommy and her boy.
Then finally today we made a trip over the mountain to Home Depot to buy some new blinds. The rusted, white and tacky venetian blinds HAD to go.
And in come the new ones! Faux oak blinds that match the ones in the living room downstairs. SO much better.
The crib and classic Winnie-the-Pooh bedding and mobile.
This is my favourite piece. My mom bought this rocker when she got pregnant with my older brother Nathan and they recently got all new family room furniture and gave it to us. It is minus the cushions as we are having them recovered but I'm really happy to have it passed down. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Our car has the most fabulous fabric and we got this (in a travel system) for $100 off!
The stroller.
And the bags full of gifts that we have already received from family and friends. We are SO blessed.
Still feeling really well and noticing my tummy growing more and more. Also made a trip to Lululemon today and picked up a great pair of pants with a big thick waist band that can be rolled down and will fit well under a big belly :) Will keep you posted when we get out closet organizer in and the rocker pillows back. Ultrasound only a couple weeks away!

Monday, January 14, 2008

* Welcome Welcome *

Just a quick note to welcome Trevor's mom to the world of blogging! So exciting to have almost all us girls on the bandwagon (we're coming for you Lindsey!) and blogging away. With us being separated by a large body of water it's a great way to keep up with each others lives. Welcome Mum and happy blogging..........

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nothing Like It......

This week we had the pleasure and joy of hearing our new life's heart beating for the first time! What an amazing experience. I brought Trevor along to the midwives and invited my mom to join us as well for the meeting. We did catch it on video but as of yet I am unable to load it. The heartbeat fluctuated between 149 and 151 beats per minute so it is certainly at the high end of the range. I am at a loss as to how people can deny the existence of a Mighty and Powerful God.........we are so delicately and intricately put together and to hear life inside of you is beyond words and beyond my gratitude to my Lord and Saviour for blessing us with this new life. We will keep you posted.........18-week ultrasound in one month yesterday!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Kal Tire Staff Party 2007

This year again we had the luck of having Trevor's work staff party up at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville. We get a great deal on a room and a great dinner and party. We had an exceptional time this year just hanging out and laughing a lot. It was really hard to keep the baby suspicions under wraps because I wasn't drinking but we just said it was because I was still getting over the flu, which I was :)
The gorgeous view off of our patio.
The store's assistant manager Ken getting into the Christmas spirit.
Bruce and his wife Nikki.
Erv and Lorna also having a great time!
Trevy and I.The living room in our suite.

Can't wait for next year!

:: Our Little Peach ::

According to, our baby is the size of a peach this week! Yep it's true.........Trev and I are expecting our first wee life. We have known since the end of October and chose to keep it to ourselves in case something happened and also to give us the chance to tell my family at Christmas while we were all together.
Here is my 6-week picture.
And last Sunday at 12-weeks. There's a tiny belly :)
I have been feeling really really well save for having a severe lack of energy but I know compared to what some women struggling through during pregnancy I am in no place to complain! I have really enjoyed being pregnant so far and it is even more fun now that our nearest and dearest can share in our excitement. I am 13-weeks yesterday and due sometime in late July. We are waiting for my 18-week ultrasound in February to get a more concrete date but we are fully expecting to be in the hospital for our two-year wedding anniversary on July 22. We are going to see the midwife for the second visit on Wednesday and are very excited to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Keep checking back for continued baby updates and eventually (haha) I will catch up on the month of blogging I have missed!
God's Richest Blessings To You And Yours For 2008!

My 23rd Birthday (that was over a month ago)

So on Decemeber 2nd (my actual birthday is the third) Trevor arranged a surprise birthday lunch for me at our place. I kind of knew about it because it came up on my facebook homepage a bunch of times but it was wonderful none the less. That was the weekend of the massive snow fall but we still had an awesome turn out of our closest friends and family.This goes way back to my early high school days, I loved Winnie-the-Pooh!
My dearest hubby and I!
We were pregnant here too but it was still hush hush!
A very late and heartfelt thanks to my wonderful husband for all the time and effort put into a wonderful party and for all the people who braved the winter storm to be with us to celebrate. Love you all!