Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All Our Bags Are Packed.......And We're Gettin' The Heck Outta Here!

Well the countdown is ALMOST up and we leave for the Dominican Republic on Thursday morning. Been busy (as is obvious) clearing off my camera memory card so there is lots of room for pictures. This will be the last post until late next week at the earliest but do check back for pictures from paradise! We'll try and bring back a little sunshine!

No IKEA Virgin Here

I was having a very relaxing Monday morning sleep in yesterday (I know those days are numbered) when the next thing I know my husband is shaking me awake. The next thing I hear is that my bestest girl is on the phone and wants to know if Trevor and I want to accompany her and her boyfriend to IKEA. To which I replied very hazily.....Now?? Needless to say, in less than a half hour we were out the door and on our way to the ferry. I was excited for a few reasons.......One being that nothing gets me more than spontaneity, I love the last minute like that. Two being that I had never been to IKEA before, and the third being that we REALLY needed a new coffee table. And mission accomplished! Here is our old table........also from IKEA.And the new and improved! Not sure but I think my SIL Shawna has the same one. It's a little high for our couch but nothing a skill saw won't fix! And I love power tools.......... We also picked up a couple of really cheap bedside lamps since the one that was on Trevor's side table up and decided to fall apart last week.
And now.......
We are both really pleased with out purchases and it reminded me how much I love accesorizing! And to say the least, no one can call me an IKEA virgin anymore. C&K......thanks for the awesome day! Love you both to bits.........

* Easter Egg *

A few week ago now, when Trevor's parents came out to visit, his mom took me shopping to get some preggo tops. Shortly after she bought this top (thanks mom!) she told me I had to wear it on Easter.........here's the 24 week picture.:: My boy and my baby ::
And the reason I had to wear this top on Easter........it's my Easter Egg :) Wish I had come up with that!
We had a very relaxing weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Saviour and had a really great brunch with my parents on Sunday followed by a whole day of just hanging out! Hope your Easter was just as relaxing and joyful........He is risen indeed!

{ Elmo Bean }

The other day, Trev and I went out and bought a new closet organizer for the babies room and shortly after taking it all out of the box, he called me upstairs, where I found this sight........Elmo (of course) had to crawl inside the box.
He seems to have a thing for tight, small spaces. He loves it when we dump a pile of clothes on him, I think it makes him feel sneaky. How we love our precious boy..........

Friday, March 21, 2008

:: Some Pictures From The "Sandbox" ::

Got another email and some more pictures from my brother........at his request I am not posting any pictures with soldiers in them but thought these are better than nothing and are they ever beautiful! So artistic.........Nathan is still doing well and my mom talks with him quite often.........can't believe he's already been there for a month.
Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the family, friends and comrades of Sgt. Jason Boyes who was killed on Sunday leaving behind a daughter and wife. Sgt. Boyes was based out of Shilo Manitoba, the same base as my brother, and was just deployed for his third tour of duty at the same time as Nathan. May our faithful and worthy God bring comfort and peace that passes all understanding.
"If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After a very long and tiring day at work (for both of us) we decided that tonight was spaghetti, caesar salad, garlic bread and vegging out. So we're watching Cinderlla Story and I gave the blog a facelift. It's been a year on April 1rst since I first became a blogger and I figured it was about time. Hope you enjoy the new look and God Bless!

Monday, March 17, 2008

:: He's A Liar.........It's In The Past ::

I really felt like I needed to share these wonderful teachings with anyone and everyone who comes across my blog. Our newest Pastor, Shane, finished a 4 part series this morning on spiritual warfare and while we weren't able to be there for one of the sermons, our church posts them on their website. This is the link.....http://www.newlifechurch.bc.ca/messages/sermons-2008.htm and I really found "It's all in your head" and today's "Gone" so very profound in it's simplicity. I would encourage you to have a listen while you are cooking dinner or cleaning. It's certain to strike a chord. God Bless.......

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Babies Gone

We'll we've had quite the week around here, and some family members were lost in the process. On Thursday night we sold Trev's 1991 Prelude to a good friend of ours. It was such a blessing because we actually MADE money on the car after four years of ownership when we include the payout we got for damages from ICBC when I had my accident. For a 16-year-old car with almost 300,000kms on it, that ain't bad!Then this morning came the more painful of the two losses.......a nice young guy named Alex ferried over from Saltspring Island this morning and bought my baby.
My black 2007 Honda CBR 125 motorcycle. This bike was my baby.........we only got it last summer but with our new baby on the way we just decided that we could use the money to make living easier when I am not working.
After we made the deal and Alex left to get the insurance I burst into tears. While I, by no means, have any regrets and made some great memories, it's hard when you realize that a part of your life is over so quickly. That coupled with the pregnancy hormones is a dangerous combination.
We snapped a couple shots with me and the bike before Alex came to pick it up.
And this one can serve as a 5-month pregnancy shot. I'm FINALLY starting to get a tummy.This goodbye was most certainly bittersweet but I will always have the memories and c'mon........how many married couples out there had motorcycles for a period in their lives?!?
And besides, a baby is way cooler than a bike any day :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

* Update From Our Overseas Soldier *

It's been a few weeks now since Nathan left for his tour and thankfully we've actually been able to talk to him a few times (once even on MSN) and keep in touch through emails. This morning he even sent over a couple pictures which is so exciting! Makes it really real for sure...........He has mentioned that it is very hot there........he also wrote me a list of all of the nationalities (that he could remember) that are also stationed at the Kandahar Air Field with our Canadian troops: American, Britain, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, French, Slovakian, Australian, Gurkhas and Romanian "to name a few" he said. The only countries they have worked with are the Brits and Americans and it isn't very often. He also said that the biggest challenge is food and that a fresh meal is hard to come by and devoured quickly! He said he's having a great time and that his section has pulled together really well and that the guys he works with make his job "idiot proof" and are very dependable "no matter what". Again it's so great to hear from him and now have a small taste of what it's like. Would ask for your continued prayers for his safety and the safety of all the soldiers and I will keep updating as information comes in.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy 50-something Dad

Happy Birthday Dad! Today is Trevor's dad's birthday........we were unable to be there but took him out for lunch on Sunday when they were here.
We wish you all the best and many more to come!
All Our Love
P.S. Happy Birthday Grampie, Love Baby McPeach

::: Our Boy :::

Just found these super cute pictures of our "firstborn" Elmo.......... :: Peekaboo ::
How we love him..........

Happy {Heart} Day

I know that this is a month overdue tomorrow but better late than never! For Valentines Day this year we spent an evening in Victoria with two people we like a whole lot. We had a wonderful dinner at the Keg then caught "Jumper" at SilverCity.C'mon Dustin.......
There we go!
Dustin ordered a side baked potato for part of his dinner and didn't realize until a little too late that they had put a napkin underneath..........
........needless to say.
:: Just The Three Of Us ::
We opted out for gifts this year considering out new TV, new truck, and trip to the Dominican coming up, that was plenty present for both of us! Thanks for sharing love day with us D&C.........no one else we'd rather be with!


As is obvious by the plethora of posts, I've been going through my camera card to get it cleared for our trip to Punta Cana (in two weeks today) and I came across some great pictures of our precious nephews Jacob and Cole. Enjoy!

Here's hoping for another little girl cousin for these special boys :)

:: Spoiled Baby ::

This past week we had Trevor's parents out to our end of the ocean for a visit. We had such a great and relaxed time and enjoyed some really really great conversation and fellowship. Grampie and Grammie also came with a wonderful basket of goodies for wee babe.
These GREAT wall hangings that are the perfect finishing touch to go with our classic Pooh bedding.
This fabulous memory album.
And lots of gender neutral clothing.
It definitely serves to make this pregnancy and the fact that we will soon have a baby that much more real. All the little hats and socks and jumpers, hard to believe it'll be that small. Such an amazing God we serve! Thanks again Mum and Dad Mac for the visit and the wonderful blessings you showered us with. Can't wait to have you out again!

"And The Two Shall Become One Flesh....."

Last week Friday we were invited to share in a very special evening, for two very special people. I've known Amber for many years and we used to lead worship at church together, and Christan is a fairly new addition to our church family, and they are getting married! After some duping and conniving (thanks to yours truly) Christan managed to get Amber out to a special spot in Cowichan Bay and kept her clueless until he popped the question. He also managed to keep her clueless to the fact that all of their family and friends were waiting at a local coffee shop for a party!
The cake........thanks to Amber's mom Sandy.
Our gift.....something simple but something they can have for a long time.
This is a great collage that Christan's family put together for him.......so cute.
Myself and my dearest Amanda with the baby.
Getting the balloons blown up.......gotta admit that I popped one in a friends face :)
Some of the boys........my littlest bro Ryan in the middle there.
And some lovely gals
The gorgeous couple just after coming in the door.........
Christan reading the poem that he wrote to Amber to propose. It was so sweet!
Mimicking the big question.........
The big date is set for September 6th and we are so excited! Congratulations you two.........we love you both very much and are so grateful you allowed us to have a small part in your special day and can't wait to share in your wedding.