Thursday, August 9, 2012

:: Recap ::

{June 2012}
:: open house at camp qwanoes:
:: little girl's preschool end of year assembly :: 

:: saying goodbye to two very dear families.  two of my dearest and closest friends left (one to move to Calgary, one to head back to Fernie after six months on the Island) and it goes without saying that it was a sad, sad day.  we miss all eight of you so very, very much :: 

:: getting crafting for canada day ::

{July 2012}
:: canada day, in our matching handprint flag t-shirts, enjoying a picnic and fireworks in
victoria ::

:: a sunny summer weekend on the mainland with family ::

:: little big girl turns four ::

:: yearly pilgrimage to quadra island with family ::

 {August 2012 (so far)}
:: swimming, pool, lake, tubing, lake, swimming, friends, food ::
:: free VIP weekend long tickets to SUNfest with country sister Brittany.  Gord Bamford, Chris Young, Tara Oram and on the left, yup, that Dierks Bentley in the background (insert happy face here) ::

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Digital Organization

There is nothing safe from my organizational-itch.
Not even my computer.
Getting all my photos and videos organized and burned to DVD has been something I've wanted to do for a while.  We have a safe place where we keep our photo discs and videos discs but most of the photos are on CD's so I have about, a thousand of them.
It took HOURS and HOURS to upload, sort and re-burn all of the photos from the past seven-or-so-years but now, this is how pretty my "Family" folder looks on my laptop.
{The Videos folder}
{The Photos folder}
Each year folder is then broken down into months with the photos/video from that month stored inside.  When I need to find a photo, it is much easier than digging up the CD and trying to upload only what I need.
And now, instead of three dozen or-so photo CD's and at least a dozen video CD's in our safe storage spot, there are only about five DVD's and I know have everything backed-up on the laptop.
Cheers for getting organized!!

Big Little, Old New Bunk

{le sigh}
Here I am, again.
I've been sitting here, half of my attention on writing and half on watching an Olympic water polo final, for ten minutes, trying to figure out what to write to bring an almost two-and-a-half-month blogging absence to an end.
So much has happened, so many memories made.
We are enjoying every bit summer.
I'll eventually get around to some of it, but for now, the final result of my bunk bed project.
I found these rough diamonds on Craigslist Bellingham and my in-laws, so wonderfully, went across the border to pick them up and my mom brought them across the water.
Let's just say my excitement waned pretty quickly.
This wasn't a project, it was a PROJECT.
I wanted to do it right and well.
I won't get into the details, because you'd be sitting there so long you'd need food and water, so without further blah-blah-blah, here is the before:
They were dainty and cute and the only thing that kept me going was envisioning them fresh and white and perfect.
Weeks, and hours, tears and maybe a few thrown in towels, a zillion (or what felt like it) coats of paint later, all set up with their new-from-Target bedding, here is the finished product......on the left is what the room looked like as a playroom, and the left, the girls new bedroom.
{some decor}
To the left are my adorable prints from Cici Art Factory
I just got the frame collage wall (which I will blog about later) done late last week, and it finally feels finished! 
Denay loves her upper bunk and Paisley hasn't given us any problems sleeping in her new big girl bed.  The other aspect of moving rooms meant that we needed to create some space, and when you don't have a basement/crawl space, that means purging.  I probably shipped of half of the stuff that was in their playroom and I feel so much lighter.  I had to get creative but it works and everything fits *just* right.
If you're reading this, it means you came back.....thanks!