Thursday, February 26, 2009

CIO (Check It Out)

I was perusing blogs the other day and stumbled across this blog.
I was really impressed until I got to the purse and the bulldog, then I was blown away!
:: Check It Out ::

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday

Many of you may remember this post I made about some goals I set for myself for this year. One of those was becoming more financially aware and responsible. Since then, things have been far from perfect, but I refuse to get discouraged and remind myself daily to take things day by day and never give up.
One habit I've been trying to get into is reading flyers and peeling my eyeballs for coupons and good deals.
One find I made was this website,
They have some awesome coupon deals including a BOGO coupon for Dove Cream Oil bodywash (my favy) worth almost $8 (to get this one go to and click on the BOGO offer link which will take you to the website).
Just select the coupons you want, click "Get My Coupons" type your address and they are mailed to you. That's it!
I'm slowly learning that every little bit of savings counts and that making the effort may not feel like much but it's all part of good habit formation and the learning process!


On a baby note, our sweet doll continues to get bigger and stronger everyday.

Now, of top of crawling expertly, she can pull herself to standing on almost anything.....she can get down safely from standing by falling flat on her bum without tipping over.......she can go from all fours to sitting up without help......and just as of yesterday, this seven and a half month old is climbing the stairs. Yes, you read correctly. I was at my church choreographing a dance with some ladies for a fundraiser and looked down after a couple seconds and couldn't remember if I had put her on the first step, then I realized I hadn't. I put her back on the floor and, sure enough, up she climbed. I had to scrape by jaw up off the floor. She's had a couple "bonks" here and there but it will only help her learn. She keeps lighting up my life each day. She loves spending time in front of the mirror talking to herself and giving herself kisses too.

Signing out for now......hope ya'll are having a fabby week thus far! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I mentioned this product in my Favourite Things of 2008 post but wanted to mention it again here.
The Product - Febreze Noticables
The Review - If you want a house the constantly smells like it's just been cleaned, this it the product for you. I had tried a couple scents that were terrible but the two I would recommend to give you a fresh, clean smell are Morning Walk/Cleansing Rain and Clothesline Breeze/Meadow Songs.....terrible names, I know, but I've had it on a couple of occasions where people come into my house and ask me if I've just cleaned. The vanilla duo is not bad (everyone kept asking if I'd just been baking) but I find it a little sweet for my taste. The unique thing about these air fresheners, is that they come with two scents that the warmer switches between so you are getting two different smells in one unit. There is also a high and low setting option so it's not a strong in a small room. There are a few downsides being that the smell is quite strong (set on high), which is nice for a big house but if you have a table or sofa anywhere near the unit and are sitting by it, it can be very overpowering and it also does take up an electrical outlet and therefore uses extra power.
The Recommendation - I would definitely recommend this product soley based on the responses I've had from people coming into my house. I really take much pride in keeping a clean, healthy home and this is a big part of my arsenal when it comes to maintain it. We keep ours plugged in in the bathroom downstairs and you would never know there was a littler box in there!
Christy's Critique - Four out of Five Stars

Thursday, February 19, 2009

:: Simple Math ::

: It's simple math people ::
What do you get when you combine a mommy with a baby girl and a mom with only one girl of her own?
.....a big and girly-as-can-be exersaucer.
My mom had mentioned she'd wanted to get one for her house and almost bought one at Walmart the other day. I told her to wait and we could look at Toys-R-Us in Victoria when we went up today. We managed to justify ourselves into this 1-2-3 Tea For Me exersaucer by splitting the cost and sharing it and then buying a boy-themed one and splitting it as well when a son (eventually) comes around.
It is so cute and Denay just loves it. She's been really cranky and miserable lately (I think her teeth might finally be ready to crack through) and I think this might be just the thing to bring a little relief to the both of us!
Thanks for a great Day Oma!

Valentine's Surprise & My 300th Post

I've been blogging for almost two years now and this is post number 300 for me......and it's a special one.
My mom is a nurse and had to work on Valentine's Day but she had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to do a special dinner this week.
We spent all day Tuesday shopping and preparing and when Trevor showed up home from work with my dad in tow, they'd had no idea.
:: Everything is ready.....including us and the baby. We got her all bathed and dressed up too ::
:: We dined on Chicken Cordon Bleu, asparagus, mushroom alfredo rice and garden salad and an amazing Sex In A Pan for dessert. We also enjoyed two kinds of cider from a local cidery (that Trevor and I enjoyed dinner at on Valentine's Day ::
:: The crew ::
I've been so truly blessed with an amazing husband and wonderful father and it was a treat to spend sometime honoring them, and hang out with the best mom a girl could ask for in the process!

No More Sitting For Me Mama

Oh my......this girl is progressing much too fast for me! She can't even sit up unsupervised yet and now all she wants to do it stand. Try and put her on her bum and before you know it shes crawling into my lap trying to pull herself up. I took this video this morning so that Grampie and Grammie and all Denay's family on the mainland can see what a big girl she is!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Those Most Important

:: We received this frame set as a Christmas gift from Trevor's parents and I just got around to filling it up with pictures and picking a spot on the wall ::I managed to fit every family member into six pictures! It took a while and some playing around but I'm happy with the result and now I can see the faces of those most important to us everyday.

:: At Her Expense ::

I couldn't resist, even though I maybe should have.
We are selling our motorcycle gear and while waiting for some people to buy my old helmet, we thought it'd be funny to see how well it would fit Denay.
She didn't mind at first but as you can tell, it quickly got old.
Kind of looks like dark helmet from Space Balls hey?

:: My (HEART) Day ::

Well I hope ya'll spread a little love this past weekend!
:: We had a special day around here......morning cuddles in bed with the whole family, a little shopping and then dinner. Trev's parents sent Denay a card and cute sweater with hearts on it and Trev and I each got a love letter and some chocolate! Thank M&D! ::
:: Trev got me a Company's Coming cookbook and some sunflower seeds and Denay got me a blessed I am ::
:: Later on, we dropped the baby off at Oma and Opa's (thanks again mom and dad) and we headed out for dinner with our friends from our young married group at a cidery south of town. We had such a great evening and ended the night with R&R and Horton Hears A Who ::
Happy Valentine's Day
Hope you told someone you loved them!

Friday, February 13, 2009

:: Christy's Critique ::

I've decided to start a new weekly post dedicated to reviewing, well, stuff.......anything really. Cleaning products, household gadgets, beauty and body products, movies, music, you name it!
I know how much I appreciate a first-hand review from a friend before trying something new so I can make a more informed choice and I'm hoping that maybe some of my experiences will mean the same to you!
So here goes........

The Product - Gain Apple Mango Tango Fabric Softener

The Review - LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My washing machine broke down for a day (mid-cycle I might add) a couple weeks ago so I wound up at my mom's to finish my laundry and just for kicks, threw in some fabric softener, something I've never used. While I did not like the smell of it, the clothes did come out feeling softer. So next time I was grocery shopping I spent a good 15 minutes in the detergent section smelling, and then re-smelling, every kind of fabric softener and this was the only one that didn't make me totally nauseous. Next time I did laundry I put some in and wow. It isn't overpowering but just enough for the clothes to smell fresh and it sure makes them soft. And I think it was almost the only kind that wasn't "Mountain Fresh" or "Clean Linen" or "Spring Air" scented, which I thought all smelled gross. There were a couple Almond and Vanilla scented brands but they were almost worst! I did laundry today and hung all my non-dryables on my drying rack and my whole house smelled so very good! I also liked it because I was almost the only brand labelled safe for high efficiency washers, which we have.

The Recommendation - I would totally recommend this product! My clothes feel wonderful and my bath towels weren't even this soft when we bought them. They also have a detergent and dryer sheets in the same scent if you really love the smell! Happy Laundry!

Christy's Critique - Five out of Five Stars

Thursday, February 12, 2009

:: Welcome Abigail Grace & Evalette Chloe ::

Trevor and I are truly blessed to be surrounded with an amazing group of friends. It's been an exciting year for us as we have welcomed (and are still expecting) a very large number of babies. The last couple weeks two of the sweetest princesses have come to join us.
:: Abigail Grace ::
- January 21rst 2009, 8lbs 7oz -
:: Mummy and Daddy getting ready for the big moment ::
:: Mum cuddling her new girl ::
This girl makes Denay seem bald when she was born! She's got curly, thick, light blonde hair and is so very sweet. Natalie is making mommyhood seem easy and looks just fantastic! Well done girl.......

:: Evalette Chloe ::
-February 12th 2009 (today!), 8lbs 4oz -
:: This was taken this morning by Becca's sister.........Becca and her midwife Selena, who also delivered my baby girl!
:: Daddy Dan with his two girls ::
I stopped by for a visit this afternoon and Becca and baby are doing great. Bec was such a trooper and is so strong.
I did a little 2008 alone, we know 20 girls who were/still are expecting. Four of the babies are unknown as they will be arriving this summer, three were boys and thirteen are (or we know they are) girls!! After the first few girls I just started guessing boy for all my friends cause I figured someone HAS to have a boy but the girls just keep coming! It's going to be the greatest thing watching our daughters grow up together and become best friends.
K&N and D&B, our deepest congratulations to you! We love you all SO very much!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

* Seven Months *

This little person, lights up my world. Trev and I were talking the other day about how before having children, we couldn't imagine life with them; and now after becoming parents, life without Denay would be boring and not as colorful.

:: She turns seven months old today and I don't know where the time has gone ::
:: We took these pictures for you Grammie! My pear and apple dress fits me perfect and I look SO cute in it! Thank you! ::

She is crawling up a storm and talking up a tornado. This girl just motors all over the house gabbing to anything that's in eye sight. She's yet to crack any teeth but has started trying (and succeeding a few times) to pull herself up to standing.

I had her weighed yesterday and she's gained two ounces over two weeks. It's not much but she's gaining and that's what matters!
She loves all her baby girlfriends, going to the pool and morning cuddles in bed with mommy and her bottle.
Looking at these pictures gives me a real perspective on what a big girl she is getting to be and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be the one to watch her grow up close.
:: What a precious gift she is ::

Monday, February 9, 2009

:: With Love ::

I was reminded today (while doing three (more) loads of laundry) that I've been meaning to blog about a couple things around here for way too long.
:: I've only had this for a couple weeks so it's not so bad......while we were on the mainland a few weeks ago my mom, MIL and SIL and I went on a day shopping trip to the states where my mom spoiled Denay (and me) with this adorable rug. I've set it up downstairs as a playmat for her toys for now, but we are going to move Denay into our empty bedroom (with the hardwood) and use the rug as a jumping off point for the design. Think LOTS of color :) ::
:: This little beauty was a baby gift from Trevor's Auntie Marilyn. It is patched with a little note on the underside from Marilyn and I just know Denay will cherish it for a long long time. ::
:: We've had (and enjoyed) this quilt for two and a half years now. It was a wedding gift from......yep, Auntie Marilyn. It also has a handwritten patch on the underside and has made a home on the back of our sofa. To say the least it has been warm on a cold night and again, I think it will be around for a long, long time. ::
Hope ya'll had a fabby weekend and a great start to the week!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Opa Loves His Sunshine #2

I mentioned in my last post that we were at my parents house last night so Trev could watch the football game with my dad and toward the end Denay started to come to the end of her rope.
Opa to the rescue! He started walking around with her and next thing we know, the piano is being played and I went out with my camera to find this.......
So cute. All through my life my dad has called me "sunshine". I honestly can't even remember the last time he called me by my first name. And now much to his obvious delight, he has two sunshines.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

:: Water Babies ::

For the past few weeks, once a week, my friends B and R and myself along with our three babies (two girls and a boy) meet at our brand new pool for a swim. I remembered to bring my camera in with me this last week and I wanted to share!
Denay does so well in the water! We've tried a few times to blow on her face and dunk her but she opens her mouth under water and comes up sputtering. We love to get all the kids in the fish floats (large center picture and upper right hand corner) and float around the lazy river all in a row! We tend to draw a crowd of elderly people who think we are the cutest thing.
This child is definitely not going to be afraid of water!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I found some pictures from a little while ago of Denay and two of her girlfriends!
The top row is Denay and J&S's little girl Aylah when she came over for a little while. Aylah is over three months younger than Denay if you can believe it!
The bottom row is D&B's girly Michal who, even though she is over a year older, isn't much bigger than Denay.
I look forward to watching these, and all the other baby girls that are arriving into our married group, grow up and become best friends.
What a delight they are!

* Movie Review *

Trev's parents brought this movie to our attention while on the mainland recently. We had my parents over for dinner the other night and thought a movie would be fun too, and when I saw this at the movie store, I looked no further.
It is about a firefighter and his wife who's seven year marriage was coming to and end when Caleb's (the husband) father challenged him with a love dare and to give the relationship 40 more days while following a day-by-day guide that involves a different challenge.
To be perfectly honest, the acting was pretty bad and there were some seriously cheesy "religious" scenes.
I really enjoyed the realism of the star couples relationship. When he was angry, he didn't hold anything back and it was very believable and you also got a real sense of her bitterness and resentment toward her husband.
The story overall is really wonderful....speaking to God's redeeming power and the power that love has to change's just sometimes hard to get past the acting.
I would definitely recommend you watch it. It really inspired me to even practise the first challenge in the book Caleb is given "Resolve to say nothing negative to your spouse today".
It would also be a great young adults or married group bible study!
Overall, I give it a 4 stars out of 5!

:: Roots Of Empathy ::

I'm chilling at my parents (with my own laptop) while my husband and dad watch the Superbowl so I thought I'd do a little blogging since Oma is playing with the baby.
Shortly after I had Denay, my midwife office brought to my attention a program called Roots of Empathy. It involved a once a month trip to a school in the area to talk with a elementary school class about bullying and social acceptance and awareness. I was immediately on board and since September I have been going to a school just down the road from our house to meet with a grade one class.
To say the least, the kids are amusing and are totally in love with Denay. They sing her a hello and goodbye song and always fight over who gets to sit next to her.
Denay loves it just as much! Something about little kids just fascinates her and will just lie there and stare at them all, staring at her.
It is such a fun program and I am so glad that I had Denay when I did so that I could get involved!