Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:: Birthdays and Parties and Desserts, Oh My! ::

A couple weekends ago the family jumped a boat to the mainland to celebrate, well, a lot of birthdays!

Saturday night was P&S's celebration. We enjoyed a ridiculously good roast beef dinner complete with gravy, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and more! Then two different desserts and homemade ice cream. If any of ya'll don't know, this gal is a big fan of dessert :) Jacob and Denay were serenading us on the piano as well.....Trev was working the camera while I used S's for the cake shot. He's still learning!

Then Sunday was Cole's big 2nd birthday bash! It was farm themed and S* took it to the max! You can click the photos to enlarge......make sure to get a good look at the awesome cake in the lower right of this collage.

Presents and candles.

It's so fun watching Denay really start to interact with her cousins more and more!
On another note: sorry for the lack of quantity and interesting-ness (not a word, I know) on my blog as of late and for my serious lack of commenting as well! I honestly don't think I've ever had so many things going on at one time in my life and blogging has quite obviously taken the back seat. I've got one more week before I leave for back to back weekends of Cranberry Creek but I'll do my best to get you all updated before the madness begins again! Hope you're not getting too soggy *wink* with our above average rainfall. I don't want to start a panic, but if this keeps up, I think we're going to sink ;)


Crystal said...

wow, now that is a cake!!

Joanne said...

Just love the photo of Jay and Denay....obviously another loyal subject of the Island Princess!

Laura said...

Wow, what awesome celebrations!! Such fun to have cousins close in age :)
And might I say, that sister-in-law of yours is gorgeous!