Thursday, February 10, 2011

:: Twenty Years Younger ::

I confess.

I very unintentionally went overboard this Christmas for Denay. I guess I sort of justified each gift as a gift for both girls and got twice as much as I should. Needless to say, I think we'll be going with the one gift rule next year :)

Anyways, I was browsing the Toys R Us website for ideas and came across this.....annndd, fell in love. Then I saw the price. Yeah, no.

Four days before Christmas I checked back on the website and to my delight, it was on sale for $40 off.
I ran up and picked it up and when Christmas morning came, fun.

:: The adults almost had more fun playing than Denay did (Opa) ::

:: We were so very impressed, considering it's plastic, the great detail. Notice in the upper right picture, the toilet brush on the toilet ::

I definitely know that this is going to get A LOT of playtime between Denay, Paisley and babies #3 and #4 (eventually).

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