Friday, February 8, 2013

{A Little Love}

I cringed just a little when I saw how long it had been since my last post.
That was before Cranberry Creek (and then more Cranberry Creek), before my 28th birthday, before hubby's annual work Christmas party, before a family getaway to a mountain chalet, preschooler's Christmas concert and then family Christmas with the Mr.'s family, before Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (finding out we were going on a child-free trip to Cuba), Boxing Day, New Years Eve and Day......before my post-New Year organize-and-redecorate binge that lasted two weeks, before a weekend visit from the in laws, before leaving for Cuba and then coming back.
And here I am, three months later and I hardly know where the time went

I'm not sure if I'm going to attempt to catch up, but I have to start somewhere.

We arrived home from Cayo Coco early afternoon on Sunday after traveling for almost 24 hours and one of the first things I wanted to get done (once I had the energy) was to get the house all dolled up for Valentine's Day because it's creeping up fast! 
Most of the pendant banners were from last year and the only things I purchased was the door wreath and the heart picks from Liquidation world for $10.  Everything else was lying around, printed free online or put together with some scissors and tape.
 photo Pictures-6.jpg  photo Pictures1-3.jpg  photo Pictures2-4.jpg  photo Pictures3-3.jpg 
If you are a fellow BC-ite, I'm sure you are looking forward to this long weekend as much as I am.
If not, Happy Friday anyways, and I'm going to do my best buckle down and get this place all up to speed!

{Here's to Love!}


Joanne said...

Too cute! Happy Valentine's to our Island you all!

Carmelle said...

Lovin' all the love day decor!

vindiebaby said...

Cute decor love the pictures :)
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