Monday, December 29, 2014


We learn them when we are small.  Each individually, usually in the order of the alphabet in the form of a song. 
As we grow we begin to seethem, all around us.
Then we begin learning the sound each one makes, how to write the upper case and lower case.
Then come words.  The age old art of stringing together those carefully learned letters to create new sounds.
New worlds are opened up at the prospect of those words morphing into sentences, that gather into paragraphs, that collect into pages, that tell stories.

I've always believed stories are powerful; testimony is powerful, our words are powerful.
I read just the other day, "Your story is the key that can unlock someone else's prison".

I've always been one to enjoy the newness of the approaching year.
A time to look back, reminisce, reflect, laugh, evaluate, give thanks.  But also a time to look forward, anticipate, plan, await, and purpose.

I'm not, however one for resolutions.
In truth, I do in a way make them, but I don't put on the label on it.
I've experienced an incredible amount of growth and pain and change and transformation during the days of 2014 and something I've learned about myself is that I don't do well with the word "resolution".  I much prefer, intention.
There are a plethora of things I'd like to start doing, stop doing, do better, do differently, do quicker or slower; things I'd like to lend more time to and things less time to.  But I always, New Year or new month, find myself buried under a pile of unrealistic expectations that are not in anyway centered in Christ or motivated by His kingdom; they weigh me down and often breed disappointment and guilt.

So looking into two-zero-one-five, I'm full of anticipation and excitement for whatever my Father brings me in it, because I can say assuredly that in all things, whether pain or joy or mourning or dancing, I always find His grace and I always find His unfathomable mercy.
I hope to look back on 2015 a year from now and be able to reminisce on the changes made, habits formed and broken, and all that....but that will come, because He always has good things for me. 

As for this....this blog, time will tell.
All I know, however ill-punctuated and maybe a little disconnected and confusing, I like writing.  
I feel like I have a surplus of letter-formed words trapped inside of me......ideas, stories, and thoughts.
This is the start of me beginning to let them out.

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