Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All My Bag Are Packed.....

Okay, that title isn't completely true. If you want the truth, I'm peddling around on the Internet eating Halloween candy and totally avoiding packing altogether :) I'm making my absolute favourite childhood meal tonight for us and my parents as a small farewell and that needs tending to as well.

Anyways, I thought it was high-time for a post about my baby girl.
If this collage doesn't make you laugh or at least smile, then I'd like to offer you a free hug.

Denay gets more and more delightful every day and she is smart as a whip.

Her vocabulary is.....
Anay (Denay)
Almo (Elmo the cat)
Owww (meow)
Mmm (moo)
Uppee (up please)
Mee Mee (Grammie)
Bobob (Grampy)
Awna (Auntie Shawna)
Bice (Auntie Brice)
Hi (always with a smile and a wave)
Bub Buy (bye bye)
Nana (banana)
Beebee (baby)
buu buh (bubbles)
boh (ball)
Abby (one of her friends)

I'm sure there are more but I'm drawing a blank. She doesn't need to be told more than a couple time before she picks up a simple word and she understands almost everything you say to her. I can ask her to find her water, put her diaper in the garbage, her socks in the laundry, or to go sit in her chair and she will do it. She doesn't do strings of words put together but can say things like "Hi Opa" or " No Mamma".
She loves books more and more everyday and has recently discovered coloring so this mamma has got to get some supplies for her girly next week!
Anyways, now I really really need to get going. This is farewell until next week at least.....if you think of it, I'd appreciate any prayers for safe travels and strength for my trip. This whole being away from my favourite people is really hard.
Bless you all my friends.....know that you are dear to me and I am praying for you!


susan said...

So what is your "absolute favourite childhood meal"??

Have a wonderful trip!! Adorable pictures - but I'd still take a hug!! *wink*

Laura said...

I love feeling like I know your sweet Denay... I can't believe I have yet to meet her!!
Have an awesome time away... you can do it!! The days will fly by and you'll have fun with this crazy group this weekend :) I'll try my best to distract you when we're in Calgary together - looking forward to spending time with you then!

Theresa said...

Me too, I want to know what your childhood meal is! Denay is getting cuter every time you post pictures - is that possible?

Nadine said...

I just love the photos of your little lady. She is too cute for words.

I'm curious about your favorite childhood meal too.

Have a great trip!