Tuesday, October 6, 2009

:: The Amazing Race - Week Two ::

So we are two weeks in to The Amazing Race 15 and Sunday's episode was good but uneventful. The teams made their way to Ho Chi Minh city where they had to find this water puppet theater and snag their clue from the mouths of one of the dragons. That clue send them to the main post office in the city where they had a detour and needed to choose between two tasks. All the teams but one chose to transport and animal statue across a local park collecting different colored balloons on their way. Almost all made it without incident but one giraffe did take a tumble.
Then they headed back into the city where one team member had to breakdown and sort an old VCR for recycling. All the teams had no trouble with this bit. Unfortunately, their choice to do the other option and spell a Vietnemese word proved to be the end for Marcy and Ron and they were sent home
They were one of our favourite teams and it was looking close for Lance and Keri to fall into last but ended up hitting the mat just before Marcy and Ron. We're hoping their last place finish will see them gone next week as they proved to be at each other's throat significantly more than the rest of teams who were getting along great. I worry for their future marriage :)
The Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy took first by a couple seconds thanks to their long legs that won a footrace between them and Meghan and Cheyne. Gary and Matt (father and son) finished third, Mika and Canaan (dating couple) came seventh and Zev and Justin finished eighth.
I don't know that I'm going to be able to catch next weeks episode but will glean what I can and do a recap.

Who are you favourite picks? And not-so-favourite picks?

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