Wednesday, June 6, 2012

:: The Dress ::

May long weekend we spent a lovely three nights across the water totally childless (thanks Oma and Opa) for a friend's wedding.
We relaxed, we visited great grandma Rosie and had an amazing homecooked brunch at my SIL's.
We had a rocking time at the wedding and even came in $150 UNDER budget.
It's not a great shot, but we were having so much fun, we didn't even get a shot of the two of us together!
 This is my $5 dress find, accessorized with a belt, a white cropped cardigan, and some jewellery.
And yes Joanne, those are your earrings........and your bracelets......
I found some black $15 sandals at Walmart that went perfectly with the ensemble and we danced the night away.
Thanks D&A for getting married and inviting us to come ;)


Joanne said...

Ha ha ha! You are so welcome....glad you made yourself to home. Great outfit!

Carmelle said...

You look fabulous! Sounds like a great weekend getaway :)