Monday, June 4, 2012

{Projecting In The Rain}

I'd never choose rain over sun, but one thing it does provide is a reason to be in and tinkering around the house.
A couple weekends ago, our church youth group had their annual garage sale fundraiser.  We swung by for a peruse and along with a few other things, I came home with this seafoamy/minty colored frame for just a dollar.  It was dirty without anything in it, the glass was gunky and stuck to the frame with silicone. 
I took the glass out and just hung the frame where our canvas print of our family was hanging (that now has a new home in the hallway).  It was just an empty frame and I liked the way it looked, but I knew I wanted to do more.
Last week I spent some time giving it a good cleaning and a tiny bit of distressing as well as Goo-Gone-d and scraped the glass clean.
I wanted to find something vintage to hang inside and Etsy was my first stop.  I have a sort-of secret love affair with the Eiffel Tower and I thought it would be the perfect spot to showcase a funky, artsy print.
My search led me to a photograph of a vintage postcard that cost me a whopping $3.17 because it was a digital copy.  The englargement should have been almost $14 but the fabby-ulous clerk at London Drugs used a $3 off coupon for me which brought the cost down to just over $10.  A $6 photo matte and this project came in at right around $20.
The color of the frame fits right in with all the greens and blues of my decor and fits in with the funky, vintage feel of the print.
High-five for rainy, productive days!


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ps. Walmart's enlargements and photo development is much cheaper then LD