Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Digital Organization

There is nothing safe from my organizational-itch.
Not even my computer.
Getting all my photos and videos organized and burned to DVD has been something I've wanted to do for a while.  We have a safe place where we keep our photo discs and videos discs but most of the photos are on CD's so I have about, a thousand of them.
It took HOURS and HOURS to upload, sort and re-burn all of the photos from the past seven-or-so-years but now, this is how pretty my "Family" folder looks on my laptop.
{The Videos folder}
{The Photos folder}
Each year folder is then broken down into months with the photos/video from that month stored inside.  When I need to find a photo, it is much easier than digging up the CD and trying to upload only what I need.
And now, instead of three dozen or-so photo CD's and at least a dozen video CD's in our safe storage spot, there are only about five DVD's and I know have everything backed-up on the laptop.
Cheers for getting organized!!

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