Thursday, August 9, 2012

:: Recap ::

{June 2012}
:: open house at camp qwanoes:
:: little girl's preschool end of year assembly :: 

:: saying goodbye to two very dear families.  two of my dearest and closest friends left (one to move to Calgary, one to head back to Fernie after six months on the Island) and it goes without saying that it was a sad, sad day.  we miss all eight of you so very, very much :: 

:: getting crafting for canada day ::

{July 2012}
:: canada day, in our matching handprint flag t-shirts, enjoying a picnic and fireworks in
victoria ::

:: a sunny summer weekend on the mainland with family ::

:: little big girl turns four ::

:: yearly pilgrimage to quadra island with family ::

 {August 2012 (so far)}
:: swimming, pool, lake, tubing, lake, swimming, friends, food ::
:: free VIP weekend long tickets to SUNfest with country sister Brittany.  Gord Bamford, Chris Young, Tara Oram and on the left, yup, that Dierks Bentley in the background (insert happy face here) ::

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