Monday, October 15, 2012

:: Elmo Birthday ::

This was two years ago.
{October 1st, 2012}
Mere minutes after delivering my second born....Miss Paisley.
That little Miss has, since then, fallen in love with Elmo.  So it was a pretty natural decision to have an Elmo-themed birthday to celebrate her turning two.
I found this amazing free invitation template online as well as the adorable font, and put the invite together in Picasa.  Poor baby cried everytime she had to hand them out to her friends.  She didn't want to let Elmo go.
We've got a big crew, so hosting it at out house wasn't an option.  We decided to hold it at our local Pizza Hut because they've got a crazy cheap pizza deal on Monday's.
My mom, Denay and myself all headed over there to set up about 45 minutes before the party started.
It wasn't much, but we had it all ready to go.....
.....and then, the power went out
After a little deliberating, and tears (of mine) and phone calls we packed up everything and, once all of our guests arrived, convoyed back to my parent's house.  Now, this was no small feat....we're talking 20 adults and 14 children showing up at my parent's with absolutely no notice.
Trevor waited at home with Paisley and ordered pizza (from Panago, obviously) while everyone scrambled to get things ready for the birthday girl to arrive.
And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.  I might have planned the party but my friends made it happen.  People were making punch, bringing chips and juice boxes for the kids, setting up plates and washing plates so we could eat cake.
Speaking of, my friend Alana of CAKE by Alana baked up this perfect Elmo cake with lettering that even matched her invitation!
The birthday girl arriving to a packed room....she didn't even know what to do with herself!
{birthday hugs from sister and Liv}
{elmo's in hand}
{happy birthday paisley!}
{post chaos, all partied out}
On the way home, all I wanted to do was cry.
I had had a super emotional day and was SO looking forward to a fun evening with some of the most special people in my life.  When we lost power at Pizza Hut, I completely crumbled.  I walked out with Paisley's helium balloons, to all of my waiting friends (whom the restuarant had locked outside) and cried and apologized.  I know the power going out was not my fault, but I didn't know what else to say.
When we arrived at my parent's house, everyone sprang to action.  Helping me decorate and hang balloons and just being awesome.
When one says "It takes a village", that is what they mean.
I have a great village.
We are village people.
I love my village people.
All-in-all, the night was a chaotic success and that birthday girl was very celebrated!

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Carmelle said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! I remember reading the post about her being born :)
I can see how that would be very emotional experience all together. So great that your friends & family were right there to pitch in. Looks like a great party!