Monday, October 15, 2012

:: A New Creation ::

It happened totally out of the blue.
We had just gotten back to my inlaws from a dinner at my BIL's house.
It was late after a busy day.
We had the girls all tucked in their room and Denay started insisting she wanted to sleep in our room.
She got very emotional and was crying.
We calmly talked to her and explained why she was sleeping where she was.
We prayed.
She was still upset.
So I asked her, "Denay, why are you so sad?".
What I heard in response, was the very last thing I expected to hear.
(through tears and sobs) "I...I just.....I'm sad because I don't have Jesus in my heart."
I was stunned, shocked, speechless.
Completely out of nowhere.
I tried not to cry as I asked her if she wanted Jesus in her heart.
I asked her a couple of times and explained to her what it meant.
I prayed, she repeated (still through tears).
We thanked Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins so we could live in heaven with Him.
We declared we believed that he died and rose again and is living in heaven.
We said sorry for our sins and asked for forgiveness.
Then we invited Jesus to make His home in her heart and to help her to be more like Him.
This little girls name is now written in the palm of God's hand forever.
She then promptly informed us that her heart was full but her tummy was very empty and it was downstairs for a "midnight" snack.
Last night, before bed, she prayed, "I just thank you Jesus that you came and lived in my heart and I'm just so excited that I get to keep you for a little while".
October 13, 2012: the day another little soul returned home to her Father!


Joanne said...

Such a heart is full. There is no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth.

Rachel Peppler said...

That's Fantastic! They are aware of so much more than we give them credit for. When Max Asked Jesus into his heart it was so unexpected!
The very best thing is that we get to pray with them and for them in a different way. Yesterday, Max told me that when he it's quiet and nobody is around he prays to Jesus...I thought I heard him whispering something the other day that sounded a lot like a prayer...great things to come and at least we're doing Something right. ;-)
Did you you have a little family party?

Carmelle said...

This is so beautiful! Wow. What a treasure to have it documented like this too :)