Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 25th Trevor!

This weekend we celebrated Trevor's 25th birthday. The 2oth was his actual birthday and Trevor and I enjoyed a very nice dinner at Steeples in Shawnigan lake on Friday night.
On Saturday we were lucky to have had this lovely face come and stay with us. We ended up at my parents house to watch our Canucks lose their third game in a row and force a 7th and deciding game (bygones, Christy bygones). We were so glad to have Joel come and stay with us and be here to commemorate Trevor's birthday.

On Sunday, we had family and friends over for a big BBQ lunch at my parents house. We were joined there by not just friends, but Trevor's parents, brother and sister and favourite nephew. We felt so blessed to have them here and the day wouldn't have been the same without them.

We had a plethora of food, as any good dutch family would! Burgers, salad, chicken wings, spinach dip, chips and Trevor's mom's delicious potato salad and traditional ice cream pie that had a few people coming back for more. Thanks Mom Mac!

The gang diggin' in...........

My little brother Kevin entertaining himself in front of the camera while he waits in line for grub.

Our "island" friends sitting around and enjoying some good food and great fellowship. We feel so blessed to have amazing friends and that Trevor has just blended in so well with all of the people I grew up with. I know that we are going to have many more birthday parties with these friends in the future!

This is our good friends Kurtis and Natalie's son Tyler who joined us at the party as well. He spent his time enamoured with my parent's puppy Skylar........what a blessing children are!

And speaking of children and dogs, our precious nephew Jacob was getting along very well with the baby puppy Chance. He got a couple pretty wet kisses!

Colin (on the left) good friend, general funny guy and our absolutely favourite person to watch hockey with. Kerry (in the middle) one of my best friends, maid of honor at our wedding and my surfing companion. And Amber, my former worship leader and current friend and partner in crime.

All of the moms cooing over the baby..........
The birthday boy blowing out the candles on his ice cream pie.

We were also joined by our very good friends Dustin and Chelsey and their delightful daughter Sydney (who's first birthday is this Friday). I think that the pictures speaks for itself!

Trevor and his favourite little man Jacob.............

After Sydney's sunglasses show I whipped out the camera and she (obviously) took right to it. After I took this picture I showed it to her on the camera screen and she was transfixed by her own image!Me and Syd cuddling while she has her bottle...............
And here's Adam, our pastors son, who has become a great fixture in our circle of friends.
And now here I sit, eating our Sunday night meal of Kraft Dinner and watching the season finale of The Apprentice feeling overwhelmed with blessings. It's so amazing to think back on what the last year of life has brought Trevor and I. Not only an engagement, and marriage but we've been in our home for year coming up next week. I can only look forward from here to what God has for Trevor and I in the future and continue to be grateful for everything and everyone he has enriched our lives with.

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