Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dinner With The Dollman's

Last night our good friends Dustin and Chelsey invited us over for dinner. They have a dear sweet 13 month old daughter named Sydney who's little chocolate covered face greeted us first thing.
So much for that bath hey Dust!
Sydney being her adorable self while mummy is cooking dinner and daddy is with Auntie Trevor (long story) trying to fix something. Syd's just starting crawling and man does she ever move!
She's just making sure that daddy eats all of his peas..........Syd and Auntie Christy having a cuddle just before our delicious dessert. I was being fed fishy crackers in between bites of whipped cream and fruit.........yummy.And who doesn't know that babies and whipped cream make for some good entertainment. And the more we laughed at her, the more she laughed. What joy children are! Auntie Trev having a sit with Sydney. They came up with a great little game of peek-a-boo that had us all in stitches.
Lounging out after dinner and having some good fellowship........Trev is telling a story, can't remember what about but it was funny!
Chelsey just after we all realized it was 11:00.............time for bed.
Thanks for the great dinner and even better conversation guys! Love you to bits...........and next time, BBQ on our deck!

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