Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're Still Decking

So here we are again. I know it's been a while since I've blogged about our decking adventure but it's been awhile since I've had something substantial so blog about. But no longer! We have our lumber and after a quick shopping trip to pop's hardware store we were on our way. First we had to measure and construct the footings that the actual deck boards would lay on which was quite a challenge and without my handyman extraordinaire father to help us we certainly had a learning experience. But none the less, we got the job done in just a couple evenings.
Here's Trev measuring out a board to be cut to size.

There wasn't a lot of measuring twice and cutting once.......................but I sure loved the cutting part! What there was a lot of, was use of the level. It took more trial and error than we would have hoped to get the footings to sit flat and even in the deck blocks, so we did a lot of digging.

Here's what we had done but the end of Monday night, only one more to go. I got a little bored on Tuesday night and ended measuring, cutting and putting together the last footing (not shown here) all by myself. And the best part, when we took it out and laid it in the blocks, it fit perfectly. I felt pretty good to say the least! I took this last night at about 9:15. It's a little hard to make out, but what you can see in the foreground (aside from my daddy's back) is the first five boards in place.
This here is out very cool Rona find. Trevor really wanted some kind of solar lights in the backyard but hated everyone we looked at because they weren't bright enough to be useful and not nice enough to be decorative. So this was my alternative.
They look just like tiki torches and are solar powered. The cool catch being that the light
inside is an amber LED and flickers like a flame. So once is gets dark enough, they come on and look like they are actually burning. This is a really crappy dusk picture but you can kind of get the idea of what it looks like.
So our backyard is coming together and we are very excited to be able to get our great patio set off of the lawn and have friends over and entertain. The rest of the wood is on it's way over as I type and we're going to get as much done tonight as we can, if not finish it completely. I will try and post a quick picture tonight of how far we got!

And a decking I shall go...............

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Mum Mac said...'ve done alot of work....the deck is going to be great! And I love the tiki torches!