Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is That A Green Thumb I See?

So I got a phone call from my mom on Friday night wondering about my plans for Saturday afternoon. Because she is still unable to walk properly, she was wondering if I would be able to go with her to Dinter's (a local nursery) and help her buy all of her plants for her hanging baskets. I said yes because I wanted to help her out but wasn't really REALLY looking foward to walking around buying plants. But once we got there I started to catch the garden fever and by the time we were at the till, I had bought two plants of my own and my mind was reeling with ideas for my garden.
I can't remember now what these are called but I loved the color and the look. I'm going to plant them in the front garden in front of the shrubs.And this, this is what I am super excited about. We were in the rose section and I was just perusing through looking at the different colored Hybrid Tea Roses when I saw this tag.........
I remeber the first time I a Blue Girl rose bush was at Buchart Gardens. I've never really enjoyed the smell of roses (or most flowers for that matter) but the cool thing about this one is is actually smells pleasent. Not only that but the flowers are a beautiful purple blue color.
Can't wait until it blooms! We're going to get a great planter and put it on our new deck. I got this guy at Save-On-Foods. Just a basic Tiger Lily but is it ever beautiful and colorful.I've got it on the kitchen table right now but once it stops POURING RAIN, I'll get in planted in a great clay pot and have it on the deck for the summer and bring it in in the winter.
So I'm feeling pretty good about this whole gardening thing and with my horticulturally wise mother by my side I think I have a summer full of blooms and greenery ahead!

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papillon mom said...

Christy...I knew you would catch the gardening bug.....and thank you for helping me you always mom