Monday, July 9, 2007

Amber's Birthday - An Adventure On Tent Island

This past Wednesday, my good and dear friend Amber hit the bit 21! Since weekdays are very hard for people to do because we work, on Friday , thanks to Nathan and his zodiac, we all got boated over to tent island for a bonfire and some swimming. The weather was perfect and the company was even better!
Here's the beautiful birthday girl........I was playing with the color setting on my camera.

The last two thirds of the group waiting for their ride over..........Cody is looking EXTRA excited!

Just a random shot of the BC Ferries Dock we were sitting beside.

The only thing I asked of Devon is that he not fall out of the tree.......Just after we got there a boat load of the boys took off to go cliff jumping. I would have joined them but the last time I was on Tent Island a very good friend of mine was killed after he fell off a cliff onto the rocks below. The guys had fun but I stayed behind with the others and played in the tide pools!
Trevor found a "recliner" in the rocks and was lounging in the sun........not quite leather but it'll do.

This rock was shaped just like a helmet of sorts. I'm trying to look like I'm carrying a gun, so much for that :)So we found these two crabs, one was a spider crab and the other was some other kind of crab and we made them fight. The purple crab wouldn't let go of the spider crabs leg, it was pretty fun.
I'll have a Jeremy, on the rocks.........(I made that one up myself!)
The gang around the fire. We definitely had plenty of food but we were severely lacking in the bug spray department. The mosquitoes were so bad it was ridiculous. I didn't get bitten too bad because I had on pants and a sweater but I was one of the lucky ones.
Brad and Ryan were determined to lasso this huge tree branch from this steep hill for firewood........
.......and they succeeded, after getting four other guys to help them haul it up the hill.
The sunset was so amazingly beautiful and I took so many pictures so it was hard to pick just one, but here it is. I should have uploaded a bigger shot but it's just a great reminder that I live in the most beautiful place in the world and I could never imagine leaving.
Ryan, Christan and Amber chillin' munching on hot dogs!
Brad was telling us stories around the fire......
The fire.......the end to a great night.
Trev and I headed home at around 11:00 but apparently the party didn't end until close to 2:00am when they packed the remaining 12 people into a 13 foot zodiac.
Amber, we hope your 21rst year is full of love, memories, joy and friendship. We love you!

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Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had a great time on Tent Island!!