Thursday, July 19, 2007

* Happy Birthday Amanda *

On Tuesday night Trev and I (and Damon too) buzzed down to Victoria for Amanda's birthday celebration. The original plan was for dinner at The Rooftop, a very cool rooftop restaurant right downtown Victoria complete with sand volleyball court, but because of the rain we ended going to The Keg.
Here's the beautiful birthday girl looking nothing but lovely!
Damon and Colin......and I have nothing else to say.Kerry, Steph and Amanda; three of my most favourite and dear friends. Love you girls!Damon and Colin again.......enjoying their "manly drinks". Colin had asked for his in a beer glass but that didn't happen. So cute!The whole gang just before dinner.
Colin trying to conceal his beverage to save some face. It's not working too well!
Trev and I. My face looks a little strange in this picture but it's the only one we got of the two of us that night!
Amanda blowing out her candles (that were actually two matches)........
And I think The Keg in Victoria is my new favourite restaurant for this reason. A four foot by three foot painting of my dear and beloved Frank Sinatra. It could have done without the cigarette in hand but I guess that captures his true essence. But what a great painting. What I would give to have that hanging in my living room!
Anyways.......we weren't able to stay too long because of work but we had a lot of fun, some goods laughs and made some great memories.
Amanda, love you so much. Can you believe it's been a year on Sunday since you and Steph masterfully MC'd our wedding? We are still so grateful! We wish for much success, joy and blessings for this next year and that God would grant you the strength you need to follow His path for your life!


Anonymous said...

We all know who I am haha. Amanda just in case you do not know. Could you send those pics to me via e mail, They are great!! I loved it that you both could come down for the bash, it meant so much to me. You guys are the greatest.

Shawna said...

Come on woman! I want to post my pics on my blog but you need to post first....I'm waiting - no pressure or anything :)