Monday, October 15, 2007

* Thanksgiving 2007 *

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving Everyone! Trev and I decided on our way home from the mainland that we were going to spend our time doing more productive things and starting working on some long overdue projects so I've neglected to update my blog! We had a great Thanksgivings! Our first was at the Verhoog house on Sunday night. My mom phoned and asked me to take care of dessert and you cannot have a holiday meal at the Verhoog home without Dutch Apple Pie so I opted for that and it turned out great!:: Our Thanksgiving Table ::

Turkey Lurky

Mmmm........Apple Sauce
My Hubby........watching football or something.
The parental units working the kitchen.
Little baby adorable.
And I think this little fella is Panda. He's the fluffiest puppy we've ever had.
......after. The meal was SO good. We got to have ham and turkey!
Dinner at the Verhoog's was awesome as usual! Thank Ma and Pa, love you both!
On Monday morning we were up bright and shiny to catch the 7:45 boat for Thanksgiving with Trev's family.
I was attempting to catch up on some reading so Trevor was amusing himself with the camera!
Dad carving up the GIANT turkey.
Jacob hanging out with Auntie Lindsey and playing with his new toy drill.
The whole gang at the table (minus Trev of course).By far the cutest one at the table.......
All the kids, including baby number 2 in Shawna's belly!
Jordan and Lindsey......Such a great shot of the two of them!
Just checkin' Shawna.........Yep your good to go!
The lovely Laderoute Family
This one was taken with Jordan's super nice camera and I LOVE it.
Dad and Mom. Another great shot.
The Ma's, grandma's and great grandma's.
After dinner Dad, Paul, Jacob, Trev and I got out to enjoy the beautiful day.
We are so thankful to have the blessing of two great family dinners, among many many other things we are thankful for. God's Blessing To All!

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Shawna said...

Thanks for coming over guys - As usual it was great to see you!