Thursday, October 25, 2007

:: Taylor, Rodney And Brad ::

On Sunday Kerry and I FINALLY got to go to our Brad Paisley concert! It was a long time coming but well worth the wait; we had such an awesome time! We took the 3:00 ferry into Horseshoe Bay and were in the city at around 5:30. We walked from the parking garage down to Moxie's and had a nice dinner. We had seats in the eighth row, 9th and 10th seats.......AMAZING. The concert got started right on time at 7:30 with Taylor Swift. This girl is the first country artist in history to have her debut album hit number one AND have writing credits on EVERY track on the album. Pretty darn impressive for 17. She was sassy and and flirty and super fun. The crowd had her on the verge of tears following one of her songs that she got us to sing along to. We must have cheered for a full 2 minutes straight and she was in awe.Following Taylor was Rodney Atkins (of whom NONE of the tonnes of pictures I took worked out as you will see) who came out in a Van Nucks hat and an "Official Canadian Drinking Team Hat". We had him in tears as well after he played "Watching You". It was pretty neat and kind of made me realize how crazy it would be to write songs because it's what you love and then you go to a stadium packed with people who are all singing along to the words you wrote; pretty overwhelming to say the least.
I tried numerous time to upload Brad Paisley's grand entrance but it just wouldn't work! But it was pretty cool, and very deafening. Couldn't even hear myself scream. He started his set with "Online" which is Trevor's favourite song.
Playing "The World"...........
One of the very few pictures that worked out. He's got a bunch of guitar picks in his mouth.
Brad did a great set of just acoustic songs and had a collage of popular stars that are no longer with us. It was really emotional and touching.
I have an explanation for this shot :) Kerry and I decided that for the last song we should wander over the the ramp coming off the stage and see if we could get a handshake. So we went and waited and he eventually came our way but wouldn't turn around! So I just snapped this shot to prove how close we were!
One last last song.
Kerry and I had SUCH a great time and much thanks to Trev's parents for opening up their home for us to stay and for feeding us a fabulous breakfast Monday morning, thanks mom and dad! The best part is that we only have to wait a month until Aaron Pritchett comes to town in November! Yee Haa!

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Shawna said...

Looks like an awesome time in Van-City -- a couple years ago Paul and I had the opportunity to also go see Brad (we won the tickets) so I know he puts on a great show!

Too bad we didn't have time to see you while you were in town...oh well hopefully we'll see you in a week or so!