Saturday, May 12, 2012

How Cancerous Is YOUR Love?


It's an ugly disease.
It took my grandmother very painfully many years ago.
Most recently, it took the life of a woman only in her early sixties.
She was the mom and mother-in-law of two good friends of ours.

It started me thinking about it.
How rampant it is.
How ugly and devastating it is.
How consuming and seemingly unstoppable it is.
How the lives it takes has a trickle-down effect and touches not only those close to the one lost, but all those who love them.
How it doesn't discriminate.  It takes men and women; gay and straight; white and black; old and young; rich and poor; red heads, blonds and brunettes; mortgaged or homeless; Baptists, Pentecostals and Anglicans.
How it doesn't hold grudges.  It just takes and moves on.
How we can research and study and donate for those causes, but can't seem to slow it down or eliminate it.
How it doesn't hold back or give more based on how much it likes, or doesn't like; how it does or doesn't get along with it's host.
It' doesn't judge and it doesn't care about ones past.

What if, friends......what if we loved like that?

What if my love was rampant?
What if my love devastated loneliness?
What if my love consumed hate and was unstoppable against anger?
What if my love brought life and that life trickled down to all those around ourselves and those we give our love to?
What if my love was for all?  Given freely to those I disagree with, who live differently than I do.  Not based on race or lifestyle or social statue or religion or age.
What if my love was free stipulations and expectations?
What if my love couldn't be stopped, hampered or dissected?  If it was so true, it didn't make sense?
What if my love didn't hold back?  Not based on or a slave to fickle and sinful human emotions.
What if my love didn't play judge and jury?

Loving in a world full of pain, sin and hurt isn't easy, but it's what we are called to.
If you open your heart to the unfathomable and incomprehensible love of Jesus, His eyes will take over yours and you will be able to see how He sees and love what He loves.

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Carmelle said...

Powerful Christy. Thanks for posting this.