Friday, May 18, 2012

:: Mother's Day ::

That's probably the best word to describe my Mother's Day this year.
My body couldn't manage to let me sleep past 7:30 and after a quick snuggle in bed (and many reminders from Miss D that she was very hungry) it was a yummy, fluffy pancake breakfast made by the Mr.
Off to friend and photog Loni an emailed me and asked if I'd be interested a teeny weeny photoshoot trade after church. 
I got these two awesome images.  Sorry it's not a great view of my $5 jean dress but I know it's going to get worn a lot more this summer.......
After lunch, the kids went to bed and I proceeded to sit in the sun, on my deck for about two hours enjoying being warm.
Then we packed up Mr.'s homemade potato salad and met my parents and a bunch of friends at the beach for more sun and LOTS of rock throwing into the ocean.
We got home late and sunburnt and it couldn't have been a more perfect day!
Good, bad and crazy, I love my little family.


Anonymous said...


I covet your hair. I so wish I could rock the red like you can. It looks fantastic, the shade of red is SO good on you!
- Sarah L :)

Alana Robinson said...

I like how it almost looks snowy in the B&W pic!