Monday, October 8, 2012

{Insert Opinion Here}

Thank y'all for your encouraging comments.
After re-reading what I wrote the next morning, I was even more convinced that if anyone did still care to take the time to check up on me here, they wouldn't want to after that whateverthatwas.
Every time my email showed a new comment, I was at first, to be honest, surprised.  And then once I read all you had to say, I was uplifted by all of the cyber-love.
Thanks Mum for always being a fan.
Thanks Carmelle: your few words had a big impact.
Thanks Bettina and Holly: my across the globe friends.
Thanks Jessi and Kristin: even though our meetings are few (Kristin) and non-existent (Jessi, which I would also LOVE to change) I truly consider you friends.


All of that being said, I now need a favour.
Well, my bangs actually need a favour.
They need you to tell them what they should look like.
I've got a pre-Cranberry Creek season haircut coming up next week and I cannot decide what to do with my bangs.
Right now, they are in limbo.  When I had my haircut in August, they were past blunt-cut length but a little too short for side-swept.  Since then I've been fighting with them and mosting living bang-free with the use of hairbands and bobby pins.
So, the options are:

:: side swept ::
I don't mind this style, when it works.  I enjoy that I don't have to have them trimmed as often and that I can easily pin them back to achieve the bang-free look.

:: bang-free ::
Like I said, since the summer, I've been pinning and banding them back because they just didn't grow out right and the side-sweep wasn't working.  I love having a free forehead and not having to worry about trims, but I also feel like my forehead might be a tiny big to be bare.  I like that I can have my whole giant lions-mane of a head of hair completely off of my face.  Sometimes I feel like my hair is planning a hostile take over.
:: blunt cut ::
I like this look.  It feels like a fun accessory to me.  I don't like that it isn't very versatile and I REALLY dislike that almost every 2-3 weeks, they need to be trimmed.  The problem with that being, that even though I've been at my salon with the same stylist for 10 years, I have to pay about $12 for a bang trim.  Now, I'm hoping to be able to work up the guts to say something next week about how ridiculous that is but it will weigh on my choice if they won't start doing them for free.  I usually just do it myself, but that usually ends badly.
OR, then there is this option.
Right now, my hair is the longest it's been since I was a teenager and I've been growing it out since last summer.
But there is a small part of me (fine, it's a HUGE part) that gets bored easily and constantly likes change and switching things up.  So this fourth option is also intriguing!
This was me, about 34 weeks pregnant with Denay and some of the shortest hair I've ever had.
And HERE is another post I found from summer 2009 that actually looks shorter than the picture from the year before.  Food for thought.....

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts, pretty please.
I hate making decisions like this for myself ;)


Anonymous said...

Christy, i love the look when you had your pregnant belly! sweet, simple, and no bangs, i hated having bangs, far to much effort!.. but all your looks do look nice on you :)

Elli said...

I personally think (from the pictures, anyway) that you look best with side-swept bangs.

What about shoulder-length and long bangs (to just below the eyebrow) that you could end up either sweeping to the side, parting down the middle like a curtain, or wearing blunt down?

That being said...
I end up with a multitude of bangs styles myself because my hair hates me, but I hate my forehead too much to go bangs-less.

My bangs were a nightmare that people would politely raise their eyebrows at forever. This video helped a lot, though... I've even had people complimenting me on my bangs lately, which is definitely a first for me. :D

Jason and Kristin said...

I am feeling the same way lately! I'm trying to push through til the end of the month for a haircut, but I feel like my hair is driving me insane, and I have the same issue with bangs. I had the blunt bangs, now they are sideswept, but I'm not convinced. I like you with the blunt cut bangs, but you look great however you have your hair! Your color is amazing. I totally feel you on the long vs short. I'd love to go back to short because I felt like it then had a "Style", but my hubby loves it long. I just feel like it always gets pulled back in the end. I say, go with your gut on the day! And have fun :)

Cammy said...

Go with the blunt cut. Only because I have a stylish cousin who lives in Toronto who has the blunt cut. It seems popular in cities. You might fit in better. Then when you're back to Duncan life, do whatever!

Good luck!

Megan said...

I like blunt. It's very cute. But $12 is too much to pay regularly, so ask your stylist to show you how to trim them at home, or better yet, ask if bang trims are free. My stylist never charges for bang trims, as I'm a regular. If your girl won't bend after that many years of loyalty, I'd move on. Times are tough :)

Carmelle said...

Oh that "giant lions mane" of yours - it is gorgeous. I hear ya with the bangs issue. I would totally say go with the side swept can have them up & outta your way when you feel the need...however, sometimes its just time for a fun, fresh change - and that can be really revitalizing at times, too! I have found for myself when I get that real itch to make a drastic change, sometimes I have done it - and other times a simple trim refreshes, too. So, yah. That was very unhelpful ;)