Friday, August 17, 2007

:: Happy 25th Birthday Lindsey ::

On July 28th (almost two weeks ago, sheepish grin here) Trev and I took our motorcycles over to the main land for Lindsey's birthday. Unfortunately that was also the weekend that BC Ferries received a bomb threat to the terminal we were trying to get to so after waiting two and a half hours in Departure Bay we wound up having to ride to Trev's parents from Horseshoe Bay in the dark! Besides the fact that it was dark (and we try not to ride at night) we had to ride through North Vancouver. I try to avoid driving on the mainland period and I have to say it was a less than relaxing experience. We didn't get to our destination until almost 11pm which was about three hours later than planned but we got there safe none the less. We had a little fun with Paul and Shawna as well because they had yet to find out about our motorcycles. So mom sent us out to put on our "anniversary hats" (aka our helmets) and it was a great moment of surprise and confusion. Sunday afternoon we had a fabulous lunch with the family.
Here's Jacob.....who always steals the show....being adorable as always.
Paul and Shawna being.......awesome.
Dad cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and I think those are potatoes on the top grill.
My hubby enjoying the deck and the flowers..........
Paul, ahem, relieving himself in the water fountain.....not really though, just pretending.
The lovely birthday girl and Jordan..........
Time for cake! And not just any cake, mom's ice cream pie, Lindsey's favourite. She blew out all of her boyfriends!
Lindsey reading mine and Trevor's card. It was so cute, handmade with a pair of shoes on the front.
We got Lindsey scrabble and she was quite excited.
This past Monday Jordan and Lindsey took off for three weeks in Europe.....and I swear I'm not jealous at all :) Lindsey, we hope this next year is full for God's blessings and happy memories and may you enjoy many more birthday's to come! We love you!

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