Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yikes! Bikes!

Alright, time to dust off the ol' fingertips and get this blog of mine updated! I did post a short one picture blog on mine and Trevor's new toys but let's go a little more detailed.......the idea to buy bikes basically came out of the blue and within two weeks of deciding that we wanted to go ahead with it we were both riding. The original idea was to purchase one bike that we could both ride but also ride together comfortably. Then upon further investigations on a trip to our local Honda/Suzuki Motorcycle shop we discovered that Trevor didn't want the same style as me and that instead of buying one new large bike we could get two smaller for for around the same price range. So ahead we forged..........Here's a picture of my new interim driver's license..............and Trevor's. I failed my test the first day but passed with flying colors the next morning which happened to be the same day we picked my bike up in Nanaimo.
My gorgeous girl............I could almost write a small essay on the rigmarole we went through with this thing but in the end I got exactly what I wanted. The awesome thing about this bike is that it is only 125cc which is small compared to the next step up which is 600cc. This bike tops out at about 120km in sixth gear so it's perfect for a beginner like me!
Testing it out just before we loaded it up. On top of the five and a half hours we spent in Nanaimo finalizing everything was about four straight days of back and forth with the Nanaimo and Duncan Honda dealerships due to a price inconsistency.........well worth it!Trevor and our salesman Pat loading the bike into my parents van that we borrowed without telling them what we were REALLY doing with it! We got Trevor's bike 2 days later from a gentleman in Victoria...........We borrowed this co-workers truck that had a mechanical lift on the back. They just rolled in on and up it went!
Strapping it down..........Trevor's bike (just like him) came over from the mainland.
The very next day Trev was hard at work polishing away.......it is amazing what a difference a little wax did!
The day of our one year anniversary (that we spent out at the lake with friends!).
Pretty in pink.......I fell in love with this helmet on our first trip to the dealership in town. Trev's in the same but just in black.
Having a little fun.........you might be able to see that my eyes are almost rolled clear back into my head in this one!
And like I said in my first post about the bikes, not a soul knew about this endeavour so we had lots of fun pulling into our parent's driveways and friends driveways and church carrying helmets. Everyone has been so excited for us. There are a couple of other close friends of ours from church that also have bikes so we are trying to find a time to all go for a ride together and start up a New Life Baptist Church biker gang! I've found riding very soothing.......something about it is calming and therapeutic and I think we will be both be riding for many years to come!

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