Friday, November 2, 2007

* * The Wonderful World Of Disney * *

A few weeks ago now, Trevor and I attended a Gala Auction for Duncan Christian School (where all us kids graduated from) to fund raise for their new gym and playground. It was held at our church and we went with my parents. We had gone to the event and it wasn't much to speak for but it was enormously better this year! They had SO many silent auction items and 35 live auction ones. While perusing the silent auction items we came across this awesome set of a dozen vintage Disney storybooks. I was so floored! I have an odd obsession with the original Disney and have a collection of about 12 anniversary editions of the old Disney movies. We ended up winning the auction and I got to take them home!
These books have never even been opened they are so new!
Just a few of the titles included.........
There were other's including The Shaggy Dog, Mickey Mouse's Picnic, Mickey and The Beanstalk and lots more! These will certainly become a fixture in our nursery when it's in use ;)

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