Friday, November 2, 2007

My New Best Friend

We were visiting at friends this past week when I got introduced to this amazing little invention. Don't know about you but I tend to scoff at commercials and not purchase things like these unless I KNOW they work. Well my girlfriend was using hers to tidy up after feeding her 18-month-old dinner and I was hooked. Meet the Swiffer Sweeper + Vac. It's basically a normal swiffer with the special cloth but it has a battery powered vacuum on the end. So it is cordless, light as a broom and it just does the trick for me considering I vacuum at least once a day. No more hauling out my canister vacuum to quickly tidy up some crumbs. I just keep it plugged in all the time and whip it out when I need it. I never realized how dusty my floors were until I saw what the cloth picked up, it's so great! The only downside I discovered today was that it doesn't hold a charge for very long, good thing I have a small house!
And by posting all these great things about my new friend, I'm hoping that Procter and Gamble will be contacting me with a endorsement deal ;) Here's hoping and happy cleaning!

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chantina said...

OH MY GOSH. that is FRIKIN sweet! I want one!!!! hahaha. Ya bloggin is definatly soothing. I get random urges to blog during the day....i like .