Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ontario 2007 - Day Five

On Monday we drove into Toronto to meet Trev's friend Joel and his friend Elyse and went up the CN Tower. Here is a shot looking up from the very bottom up the elevator shaft. It went up so fast that my ears popped numerous times.Standing on the glass floor. Normally things like this are not a problem for me but it took me a while before I would walk on it. It's a LONG way down and to see it right below your feet was quite unnerving.
On the outer observatory deck. It was quite foggy but we were able to catch moments of clearing viewing.
Joel taking a picture of himself when he was supposed to be taking a picture of us :)
There we go!
Out the window looking over the Skydome.
Taking it all in.
The Chum Building. We saw Trevor Boris inside when we walked by.
Just a car coming out of the building.
Joel and Trev.
The old Toronto city hall.
One of the many Bay Center window displays. They were very very cool.
We got crepes and hit the mall then parted for dinner and then we headed back to the hotel. We had SUCH a fun day and are so glad it worked out that Joel was in Ontario at the same time we were! So great, thanks guys!

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