Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ontario 2007 - Day Six, Coming Home

On Tuesday morning it was up at 5:00 to get to the airport. Out flight from Hamilton to Calgary was over an HOUR longer than our flight from Edmonton to Hamilton and I was not happy. We watched the Simpson Movie which killed a little bit of time.
In the airport in Calgary catching up on some sleep.
On our way to Victoria. The flight was okay minus the fact that the dude sitting next to me starting clipping his fingernails people.........ewww, ick, gross.
A great shot that Trev took out the window.
We had SUCH a fabulous time even though it went by SO fast. We were able to cram in much activity so we certainly left feeling like we used out time wisely. Thanks to my work for giving me the time off and to the Melnychuk's for their hospitality.
This ends our trip.......Mahalo for coming along!

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