Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Hello From The Sandbox"

I was so excited to open our inbox this afternoon to find an email from my brother overseas in Afghanistan. It was very relieving to hear from him that he had arrived safely, which is half the battle! If I calculated right, they are 13 hours ahead of us which makes it about 11:30 in the morning on Sunday the 24th there right now. I've taken a few blurbs out of the email................"Not a whole lot going on at the moment. For the most part we are trying to catch up on some much depleted sleep. It was approximately 24 hours from the time i arrived at shilo to the time we touched ground in Kaf...........It is rather strange being here right now because truth be told i don't feel like i am here. When we stepped off the plane after arriving i looked around and it felt like i was back in wainwright again or shilo for that matter...........It has been so long in coming and my guys just want to get out there and start doing our job. For right now we don't know when we head out or where we are going but i am sure it won't be to much longer.........The weather is rather pleasant right now not to hot and not to cold, although it won't be that way much longer. The camp itself is massive and there are all sorts of people from about 6 different nations running around. Checking out the different weapons and uniforms has made for some entertainment. Especially with the yanks, a couple of my guys were drooling over there toys this morning, it was quite amusing. It looks like for the most part we are going to be living rather well while we are here, save when we are on an overnight patrol.........All in all i am excited to be here to be doing to job which i have been training for for 8 years. I got a good section and a good platoon going out there with me and that gives a man confidence. Although i miss home and all of you i can't think of a place i would rather be right now. I will keep you all up to date as often as i can and i hope to here from you all soon."
We could covet your continued prayers for Nathan and all the troops serving overseas.........Mahalo.

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