Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's With People?

So the end of last week I come home from work and notice that our covered front step was wet and our front doormat was soaked with water. Being pregnant and tired and having better things to do I proceeded inside and didn't think about it again. Then when Trevor got home he walks in the door and before saying hello (he had evidently noticed the wet step as well) asks me outright if I had opened the backyard gate, to which I replied no. He then went on to ask if I moved the garden hose that is attached to the front of out house, to which I responded with a funny look and a certain no. He THEN went on to tell me that someone had apparently stolen our garden hose. That's right, a hose. At first, I was optimistic that maybe it was just borrowed, but five days later I am starting to doubt that. Then Trevor comes home yesterday from work with a large plastic bag. I, of course, inquire as to what is in the bag and he tells me it's all the contents from his to-and-from-work car because it was broken into Monday night. Which I'm sure sheds some light on why I could NOT sleep for about 3 hours Monday morning from 3am until 6am. It doesn't appear that anything was taken but it is surely unnerving. I have never been one to ever worry about stuff like this or live in fear of such things at all. Until I met Trev (who's had numerous vehicles broken into) I used to leave my car parked with open windows and unlocked doors with the keys in the ignition, purse on the seat along with my CD case, over night. So I've been spending more and more time in prayer for the protection of our home and possessions and leaving my full trust in the One who is watching over our home and well-being. But still...........a garden hose??

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