Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh, Baby

Today I had my monthly appointment with one of my midwives Beirta and things are still going really well. The baby's heartrate was 150 bpm and the fundus height is measuring 17 cm which is right where I should be for 17 weeks. Since I had yet to weigh myself thus far in the pregnancy my starting weight as of today is 130 lbs. I still feel really great save for a couple days of weakness and dizziness that I can chalk up to my slowly dropping hemoglobin. The most exciting part is that I've started to feel movement! It's very sporadic and almost unnoticable but I've definitely got the "bubbles" (as my mom calls them) in my belly. I've also got my ultrasound on Monday so be sure to check back for our first baby pictures! Oh, baby........oh, baby!


Amanda said...

That is a great starting weight! And to think you would have been less at your ACTUAL start date is fantastic!!
Isn't feeling the baby "bubbles" great? I loved that. Now the movements are slow and hard. They cahnge so much. YOu will NEVER get sick of feeling your little one move inside of you.

Can't wait to see the ultrasound pics!

Shawna said...

I always called them butterflitters - it was like a little butterfly wing was just flitting back and forth --- oh, I love that!

Glad you are feeling so good, we have been praying for you and your peach - Can't wait to see the three of ya!

And absolutely can't wait to see pic's of your babe on Monday - Oh happy day!
Love you - the Lad's