Saturday, March 1, 2008


So this week has been full and busy. The "argh" is that for some reason our laptop (and main computer) for some strange reason won't connect to the internet. Just up and decided to quit. So I'm upstairs on our big ancient computer so I can update this. The "ahhh" is that we started painting the LAST room in the house this week (and when I say we I mean me). Because of reasons you will need to see (once I can post pictures) we have decided to paint the top half of the room and cover the bottom half with wood paneling. The really big "ahhh" is that there is now a bright red coat of paint on the wall. We're talking RED people. So far it's one coat of red enamel primer. We are going to do a second then are expecting to do at least 2 if not 3 coats of the actual red paint. I have to admit, as much as I LOVE color and every room and wall in this house is a "color" save for the beige in the upstairs bathroom, this red is making me nervous. It's a very bold color for sure but I've just got this vision! Will update as soon as I can. The "yay" is that last night, two people that are very VERY dear to us got engaged. The now groom-to-be asked us to have a small part in the scam and we feel so blessed. After being surprise with a ring the bride-to-be was surprised after with a HUGE party at a local coffee shop downtown. It was an amazing night (and a great chance to show off my belly!). Again will post pictures when I can......check back!

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