Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Babies Gone

We'll we've had quite the week around here, and some family members were lost in the process. On Thursday night we sold Trev's 1991 Prelude to a good friend of ours. It was such a blessing because we actually MADE money on the car after four years of ownership when we include the payout we got for damages from ICBC when I had my accident. For a 16-year-old car with almost 300,000kms on it, that ain't bad!Then this morning came the more painful of the two losses.......a nice young guy named Alex ferried over from Saltspring Island this morning and bought my baby.
My black 2007 Honda CBR 125 motorcycle. This bike was my baby.........we only got it last summer but with our new baby on the way we just decided that we could use the money to make living easier when I am not working.
After we made the deal and Alex left to get the insurance I burst into tears. While I, by no means, have any regrets and made some great memories, it's hard when you realize that a part of your life is over so quickly. That coupled with the pregnancy hormones is a dangerous combination.
We snapped a couple shots with me and the bike before Alex came to pick it up.
And this one can serve as a 5-month pregnancy shot. I'm FINALLY starting to get a tummy.This goodbye was most certainly bittersweet but I will always have the memories and c' many married couples out there had motorcycles for a period in their lives?!?
And besides, a baby is way cooler than a bike any day :)


Shawna said...

oh boy - that is a big step selling your bike. But it is the 'smart' thing to do because there is no roof rack to put the baby on once it's born...unlike your new jeep (just kidding).

Glad you sold it so quickly - it was the perfect time to sell.

And yay - big red is sold too...what a blessing!

Amanda said...

Christy you look amazing!!! Even though you had to sell you precious bike!! You are glowing!