Thursday, March 13, 2008

:: Spoiled Baby ::

This past week we had Trevor's parents out to our end of the ocean for a visit. We had such a great and relaxed time and enjoyed some really really great conversation and fellowship. Grampie and Grammie also came with a wonderful basket of goodies for wee babe.
These GREAT wall hangings that are the perfect finishing touch to go with our classic Pooh bedding.
This fabulous memory album.
And lots of gender neutral clothing.
It definitely serves to make this pregnancy and the fact that we will soon have a baby that much more real. All the little hats and socks and jumpers, hard to believe it'll be that small. Such an amazing God we serve! Thanks again Mum and Dad Mac for the visit and the wonderful blessings you showered us with. Can't wait to have you out again!


Mum said...

Our pleasure! We really enjoyed our time together.....bought any tights yet?

Shawna said...

Ooooh nice stash --- you need to post pics of the clothes that YOU got! I wants to see!