Friday, March 14, 2008

* Update From Our Overseas Soldier *

It's been a few weeks now since Nathan left for his tour and thankfully we've actually been able to talk to him a few times (once even on MSN) and keep in touch through emails. This morning he even sent over a couple pictures which is so exciting! Makes it really real for sure...........He has mentioned that it is very hot there........he also wrote me a list of all of the nationalities (that he could remember) that are also stationed at the Kandahar Air Field with our Canadian troops: American, Britain, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, French, Slovakian, Australian, Gurkhas and Romanian "to name a few" he said. The only countries they have worked with are the Brits and Americans and it isn't very often. He also said that the biggest challenge is food and that a fresh meal is hard to come by and devoured quickly! He said he's having a great time and that his section has pulled together really well and that the guys he works with make his job "idiot proof" and are very dependable "no matter what". Again it's so great to hear from him and now have a small taste of what it's like. Would ask for your continued prayers for his safety and the safety of all the soldiers and I will keep updating as information comes in.

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